TSM Episode 44: I.R.P. for 14 December, 1998

No doubt he will be just as much a badass as Cid was in Final Fantasy VII.
Exclusive Cid Artwork from the upcoming Final Fantasy VIII

Produced 2012.04.22

Digging back into the mists of time, Lusipurr uses his Chrono Trigger to uncover a podcast from the early days of the internet, predating Lusipurr.com, broadband, both the PlayStation3 and PlayStation2, the iPod and iPhone, and the word ‘podcast’ itself!


  1. I can’t tell if I’m excited, very excited, or horrified to listen to this later.

  2. I love it! It’s so nostalgic, taking me back to the days of my youth (ie: when I was 4 years old).

  3. @Titania: Listen up, brat, I can’t be expected to remember the name of your stupid plastic junk computer. Frogger, Booger, what-EVER.

  4. One of the best episodes ever. Please do more!! (best intro music ever too)

  5. @Slayde: Thank you so much for your feedback. We had a great time with this and, who knows, there might be more in our vaults!

  6. I was tricked into downloading this! 21 something days too late for April 1st, Lusi.

  7. @RBK: I fail to see where the trick is. The title and blurb are EXTREMELY clear.

  8. BTW Cid looks like such a friggin’ creeper in that picture. Bleh, gross. Say no to the free candy, kids.

  9. Great stuff. The outtakes were hilarious. One thing, so you’re implying that the only reason everyone (including yourself) loves FFVII is nostalgia?

  10. @Epy: Actually… no! The podcast is just an accurate representation of my opinions at the time.

    When FFVII came out, I was properly disappointed. The demo began my disappointment, and the game itself confirmed it. I did not like the setting, and this made it impossible for me to enjoy the game.

    After Final Fantasy VIII was released, I played it, first with excitement and then with steadily increasing concern. By disc 3, I was disgusted. I turned back to FFVII and found it much more palatable. I did not consider it a particularly amazing game yet, but I did enjoy it.

    As time went on, my opinion of FFVII continued to grow as I thought about it, replayed it, and viewed it in comparison to other games which I played and replayed in the light of my experience with FFVII. In this way, slowly, the game rose in my estimation until it occupied the spot it now occupies: the greatest game I have ever played.

    So, far from nostalgia being the reason for my opinion of FFVII, it is in fact the opposite: a knowledge that could only come with a huge diversity of experience *after* the game’s release, rather than a rosy-eyed exclusionism which looks back to the moment of the game’s release and tries to capture that feeling. Nostalgia would make me dislike FFVII very much. :)

  11. Guys, this IRP was missing a vital section. Where was the cheat codes section?! Guys! How was I supposed to know what button combos unlocked Luigi in Mario 64? You know how many cafeteria bets you could have settled?

  12. @Mel: I’m sure I can find an IRP in the archives where all the cheat codes are discussed!

  13. I have no idea who you did it, Lusipurr, but I am AMAZED that you got Robin Williams, of Ms. Doubtfire fame, to pose for the podcast promo thing this week!!! But, he was spectular and I would uncritically accept anything he gave me stuffed into a bottle.

  14. Awesome podcast guys. I would have turned 16 in December of 98′ so I can remember all hype for FF8 and the many ways in which Aeris cod be resurrected (tried the ‘complete the first disc without saving’ method myself). Can’t wait to hear more of these.

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