Castle Lusipurr #38: Eagle Eye Shot

I am told that Biggs' wolf-form is a highly entertaining gag at parties and abbatoirs.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

As another playthrough trundles to its monumentally anticlimatic conclusion, the staff of have begun to manifest symptoms of fatigue, restlessness, and a total inability to hit a barn door with the patent X-G-9000 Santa Dissimulator. Luckily, the playthrough only lasted a fortnight, or the world would have been plagued with the loss of our articles and podcasts, and the returned annual appearance of an obese man in a red coat who improbably manages to deliver presents to all of the greedy children in the world in a single night.

There is a light in the darkness, however. Lusipurr has decided that Dirge of Cerberus has warranted a review–so you may expect that to be forth coming next week. Think of it as the first-ever “Playthrough Wrap-Up”; if successful, it may be followed by more!


  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before Jenifer became a furry! :P

  2. Oh if only I could transform into a raging violent wolf thingy. My job hunt would go a lot better if I could just terrify the interviewer into employing me! Sure, my boss now smells like shit bricks, but that’s not terribly different from the work environment!

  3. So Biggs has an awe-inspiring mustache of epic proportions? And how long has Lusipurr had a bazooka? I used to feel safe and thought I generally understood the world, but now not so much.

  4. @EP: How else am I to target that fat, red, commie bastard?

  5. I secretly got Lusipurr to review this game! He might deny it, but that’s just because he doesn’t want to pay me all that internet money!

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