Feature: Amanda MacKay Interview

Following the release of B-Reel’s Battle For Everything (itself connected to the upcoming North American release of Battleship) Lusipurr.com sits down for a few minutes with Amanda MacKay of Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV. Host Jenifer Biggs asks Ms. MacKay about the new game–but also about the competitive world of gaming journalism, the rise of gamification, and other developments in the industry.

A light-weight streaming version can be viewed using the plugin below; or a high-quality high-definition version can be viewed by clicking right here.


  1. I’m very picky about my tactical games, but this one sounds pretty good. It’s good to hear about it in such a super-cool feature fashion as well. I’m going to go drink some Coke now.

  2. Good job, Jen!

    Pssh, you guys are too easily swayed, I am unaffected! I would like zero Cokes! In fact, I might even say that I would like Coke Zero! Give me a Coke Zero.

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