TSM Episode 47: The Real Thing

TSM is like the New Coke--it'll be around forever, heh heh heh.
Consider your thirst quenched.

Produced 2012.05.13

In a special feature, Biggs interviews Amanda MacKay. Lusipurr, not to be beaten by his executive officer, interviews SiliconNooB. The result is significantly less informative, but significantly more intoxicating, and EA comes in for a right bollocking.


  1. You guys touched upon an interesting thing, between EA and Activision. A few years back, EA was in the middle of shedding its then-cliche image of an industry tyrant. Meanwhile, Activision was in the full swing of bleeding out Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk. Now, as if missing its old role, EA has been greedily asserting its dominance again. Activision, however, has been holding off. Bobby Kotex has been no where to be seen, no longer spouting industry crumbling phrases, instead he’s been silent as if he’s contented by some huge cash cow property the redundancy of which makes everyone forget about Madden. Seems like which every company isn’t on top at the moment becomes crabby and greedy.

    Also, a very nice reading Lusi. I request MOAR.

  2. ‘Twas the voice of the Silicon: I heard him declare,
    “He has stolen my pizza, I left it right there!
    I went out because hungry, and now it is GONE.
    I’ve texted my mother–are you listening, Lusipurr?”

    Our eyes had teared up, and we laughed with a howl,
    To the woes of the Aussie who was tight as an owl.
    The missing food in his boozing he himself did misplace,
    And henceforth we shall tease him: he’ll never save face.

    So the lesson to learn here is not to get drunk,
    And come on the podcast like a blotto-faced punk,
    For when you say foolish things–along with headaches
    You will find your nonsense preserved in outtakes.

  3. @Mel: Once upon a time, in a kingdom called The Past, we all hated John Riccitello because he was a giant, miserable cock. He ran a terrible company and he did awful things to his company’s target audience. But then, another evil rose in the west: Emperor Kotick, whose shameless greed destroyed two beloved franchises by milking them to death. Emperor Kotick made many idiotic pronouncements on the internet which raised the ire of all and sundry, and hence, for a little while, greater attention was paid to the more recent arrival upon the scene. Yet, in taciturn evil, John Riccidicky continued to press his malice and his hate, and they were the greater for passing by relatively unobserved–so that, when Emperor Kotick exhausted himself, having grown content with the amassment of many dollars, we beheld with shock a terrible realisation: the Nostalgic Kingdom of the Past had become the Tyrranical Dictatorship of the Present, and it was Electronic BioArtsWare which was, as ever, the true villain of the piece. Oh, that we had not seen–oh, that we had not heard!

  4. I think, more than Activision simply stealing the evil spotlight from EA, EA was actually turning around some of their practices. I recall when people were beginning to say “Give EA some credit, they’ve been working on their image. They don’t do what they used to.” Then Activision came into full force with its COD gold mine…then EA decided it had had enough of playing (or attempting to play) fair and launched things like Origin. I think it was less EA going ignored as a shit company because Activision was exploding onto the scene with COD:MW and the Blizzard acquisition, and more of EA just…NOT being that shitty a company for a bit.

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