Editorial: Mario Musings

Hello, readers. This week, much of my gaming was done in the form of Super Mario World replaying and some off-and-on Yoshi’s Island action, and so I thought maybe I would share some thoughts on these two entries in the massive Mario franchise. These two games are fairly important parts of platformer history, and the Mario games easily one of the most important franchises in all gaming history.

It's such a good game.
The introduction to a masterpiece.

Super Mario World is a game that every gamer should play. It is extremely easily accessible; the original Super Nintendo version, the Game Boy Advance version, and Virtual Console versions are all fairly cheap and easy to find. Super Mario World is a wonderful example of how to make a 2D platformer. There are a number of ways to reach Bowser’s Castle, including the extremely short Star Road route. Super Mario World has a wonderful soundtrack and delightful visuals, and it is a game I highly recommend to any gamer who has somehow not played this gem of a game. Whether aiming for a quick-finish or a full game clear, Super Mario World is a game any gamer should track down and play. In this writer’s mind, Super Mario World is the greatest of the Mario games; no other entry in the series really even manages to come close.

Yoshi’s Island is another game that all gamers should play. Though not as good as Super Mario World, it is still a wonderful game. Yoshi’s Island is extremely bright and colorful and has great level design. Yoshi’s Island does drag on a bit, though; some of the stages take an obnoxiously long time to finish. Baby Mario’s crying is the stuff of legends; truly up there with “Hey! Listen!” on the list of horrible game sound effects. Despite its flaws, though, Yoshi’s Island is still a game with which all gamers should have at least basic familiarity.

Baby Mario's crying, a sound that destroys gamers' ears.

Both Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario World share something that I feel the Super Nintendo did better than perhaps any system to date: both games have aged extraordinarily well. This is in my opinion easily their greatest strength as gaming experiences; both games are just as fun to play now as they would have been when they were released. With both games readily available on Virtual Console, I highly advise anyone reading this who as somehow missed one or both of these games to look into remedying the problem at once. Also of note is Yoshi’s Island DS, a follow-up to the original that is not nearly as good but is still a solid game worth potentially checking out. In any case, Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island both stand among the greatest Mario games ever made; they are certainly up there with Super Mario Bros. 3. What of you, readers? Am I crazy? Are the two Mario games explored in this article actually worth playing, or perhaps horribly overrated? Let me know what you think.

Edit: In the article, I stated that both games were readily available on Virtual Console. This was a mistake; Yoshi’s Island is not available on North American VC, because Nintendo of America.


  1. Speaking of the two Mario World games, you write in your article that “both games [are] readily available on Virtual Console”. However, I don’t think it is so in America: Yoshi’s Island is not available–at least not on the Wii. (I confess I am ignorant of what is available on the 3DS.)

  2. Huh, could’ve sworn…but no, it isn’t. Added a correction note.

  3. I’ve been waiting for it to come out on VC forever, which is the only reason I really know about it. I love that game.

  4. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy: one of my favorite levels of all time. I’d just grab all the fuzzies just to see if I could get past the level while Yoshi was tripping balls.

    Sometimes I could, sometimes I couldn’t.

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