Editorial: Games I Want to Come Out Tomorrow

It is no secret, readers, that I rarely look forward to new games; I really do not care about the vast majority of games released to today’s industry. Despite that, however, there are still games which I find interesting to follow, and this week, I would like to look at four games I think look very promising.

First up is the obvious one: Pokemon: Black 2 and Pokemon: White 2. The fifth generation Pokemon games were perhaps my favorite in the series, which is definitely saying something given how much I have loved most of the Pokemon games. Every bit of information I get about these games makes me want them more. Pokemon is the only Nintendo series that continues to hold my interest this strongly, and as long as the main series games continue to be as good as they have been, I will continue to support the franchise. It is likely that Black 2 or White 2 will be a day one purchase, and anyone who knows me know how rare day my day one purchases are.

I wish this game would come out now.
A ''fluffy'' dimension where objects are much lighter will be one of the puzzle aspects used in Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is a game I keep forgetting about, but every time I remember it, I wish I could buy it and play it right now. For those not in the know, Quantum Conundrum is a physics-based puzzler with creative lead Kim Swift, one of the co-creators of Portal. Since Portal and its sequel were in my honest opinion two of the most brilliant games ever made, I am watching Quantum Conundrum with interest. The game stars a child trying to save his uncle from another dimension, and the player will have to visit several dimensions, each with different physical properties, in order to rescue the trapped mad scientist uncle. Quantum Conundrum looks like it will be a fun and creative puzzler, and I will be sure to pick this one up when it is available.

A couple of months ago, we discussed Mistborn: Birthright on the podcast, and I mentioned that I like the story and setting of the Mistborn series and would be keeping an eye on this release. One thing I was not aware of at the time was the fact that the game’s scenario and most of its dialogue would be written by the series’ original author, Brandon Sanderson. This simple fact as changed my interest from “Oh, this should be pretty good.” to “Holy crap I want this game NOW.”, as I am a big fan of Sanderson’s novels. Brandon Sanderson is not the type of person to allow his name to be attached to subpar work, so I am strongly looking forward to this release. Mistborn: Birthright will be a prequel set centuries before the original Mistborn novels, and I am definitely keeping as close an eye on this as I do with all of Brandon Sanderson’s work.

I wanted to use a proper screenshot here, but it turns out screenshots for games that aren't out are almost impossible to find. Who knew?
Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, and the four Mistborn books that are currently out are among his best work.

The last game is one that I am admittedly not as excited for, primarily because I have yet to finish Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Still, I am definitely interested in the game’s sequel, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The original Amnesia was my first foray into survival horror, and was the first game I have ever played that was genuinely scary. The game is set to release sometime before Halloween 2012, and I will certainly be watching this one- though not as closely as the other three games mentioned in this article.

While I rarely get excited about modern game releases, these four games are all titles I look forward to with varying levels of interest. I have also kept a wary eye on a few other games; Pikmin 3 seems interesting but I find it hard to trust Nintendo to make good games anymore. Additionally, I was looking forward to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but the lack of news recently does not give me high hopes for the game. What about you, readers? What games are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks, months, years, or millenia? Are there any upcoming releases that have you feeling excited? Let me know in the comments, readers.


  1. Anyone who is not looking forward to PKMN B/W 2 doesn’t have a soul.

    Amongst other upcoming titles that I am excited for The Witness (Jonathan Blow’s current project) is notable. I’d like to see more about this game; the setting notwithstanding. Gameplay is what needs to be explained.

    New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS comes to mind. Also, the new Suikoden PSP title.

    Penny Arcade 3? That looks pretty good, too.

  2. The only game I can think of right now would be the next Smash Brothers. I’d love to see what that game is going to become. I still play the others in the series, and used to follow the tournament scene of Melee rather closely. I somehow doubt we’ll get another Melee style Smash game, but at least it’ll be something.

  3. Lusipurr’s list pretty much lines up with mine. I’d love another handheld Suikoden title. Now that Ni No Kuni has been pushed, this year is really dry for me. Assassin’s Creed III looks really good, especially because I’ve ignored the filler games. Also Borderlands 2 and Darksiders 2. 4 games (including pkmn) in 7 months seems pretty small.

  4. @Ethos: For my money, the delay of Ni No Kuni was the biggest knife in the heart we’ve had this year, at least as far as release dates go.

  5. You know what’s worse that the delay of Ni No Kuni? Reading about it here in casual conversation for the first time. WTF, WHY! When was it pushed back TO?!

  6. Ni No Kuni is a game that am interested but for some reason keep forgetting about.

  7. Sorry you had to hear this way, Mel! Hopefully this means the best localisation of all time… *cries in a corner*

  8. Ni No Kuni was pushed to early next year? NOOOO!!! DAMN IT =/

  9. @Matt: I know some people who MIGHT be when they receive a free copy of Persona 4 Portable!

    Also @Ferchu: It’s sad but true. More than sad, it’s crushing.


  10. I’m looking forward to Ni No Kuni, as one might expect, but the very lack luster sales in Japan have me worried.

    Ugh, I have too many unfinished games to begin looking forward to more. I feel like that hurricane of games last holiday season happened yesterday.

  11. I’ve wondered about lackluster sales of Ni No Kuni too, but then, aren’t those for the PS3 version, rather than the already released and mostly the same DS version which also came with an awesome spellbook? Ni No Kuni looks absolutely amazing, but the gameplay looks rather boring and childish. I don’t know what’s up with the little monsters you use to battle, if they’re collectable like Pokemon, but it suggests that the battle mechanics aren’t deep, or archaic. To me, that’s okay. I love Studio Ghibli, and that’s enough. Ideally, I’d rather they make a very good game in the Nausicaa or Mononoke world… but without Miyazaki working on it, it doesn’t matter where it’s set, the genius isn’t there.

    If the world worked the right way, the kids today would find Ni No Kuni and fall in love with Japanese RPG’s.

  12. “If the world worked the right way, the kids today would find Ni No Kuni and fall in love with Japanese RPG’s.”


  13. Ah, what a world that would be.

    And I had forgotten about the DS version, that explains a lot actually.

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