TSM Episode 49: A New Bup

This is why you should not hire accountants who can only count to potato.
I suppose this means we will never have a forty-man raid culminating in a boss battle against a hydrocephalic zombie dinosaur.

Produced 2012.05.27

When Kingdoms of Amalur developers 38 Studios and Big Huge Games close their doors due to financial mismanagement, recently unemployed developers-at-large Nate ‘Bup’ Liles and Chris Privitere arrive unbidden on the doorstep of Lusipurr.com. Hijinx ensue.


Long-time readers may be familiar with Lusipurr’s ongoing struggles with Bup. In an effort to get Bup in line for the wedding, Lusipurr recently engaged in a series of text conversations with Bup. Excerpts are included below, without the original trollface pictures and video game screen shots from Super Paper Mario and Earthbound.

Today, another episode of Lusipurr’s Life With Bup:

Bup: Should I have gotten an invite? I still haven’t.
Lusi: No, we know you are coming.
Bup: Cumming.
Lusi: . . .
Bup: I most likely have Sunday off.
Lusi: Podcast that afternoon or that evening around 23:00.
Bup: Am or pm?
Lusi: Neither! Twenty-four hour time is not given in terms of A.M. or P.M.!
Bup: You’re welcome!
Lusi: Thank… you?
Bup: Welcome to hell.
Lusi: You’ll be at the head table for the wedding party.
Bup: I sit where I want, when I want, and on WHO I want.
Lusi: Not this time you don’t.
Bup: Every time.
Lusi: Not THIS time. This time you sit where you are told to sit, and you get pictures when you are told to get pictures.
Bup: No, I don’t wanna.
Lusi: T•O•O•BAD!


  1. A podcast dedicated to me? I feel so internet famous right now :)
    I’ve been playing Diablo 3 a lot this past week. I’m 18 in hardcore mode and 55 in regular.

  2. Future Bupcasts:
    The Empire Strikes Bup
    The Princess Bup
    Harry Bup and the Chamber of Secrets
    Bup’s Delivery Service / My Neighbor Bup

    I don’t know why, but “readers, if you want to see some good Dilbert videos…” made me crack up. Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. I always make sure to listen when Bup is on. Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing.

    Final Fantasy VI is the bestest. Can’t wait for the playthrough! I need to hurry up and finish my review of Atelier Meruru before then, though.

  4. What’s the Bup/Lusipurr.com official stance on Lusipurr’s wedding?

  5. I will not be surprised if I’m still having nightmares about that when I’m 80.

  6. As far as Kingdoms of Amalur is concerned, I think it wasn’t that this game needed to make 75 million more to break even, I think it was that they immediately started another project on the assumption that this game would sell better…and they undercut themselves in a bad way.

    As far as Bup is concerned, I’m pretty sure his podcast presence is to Lusipurr.com as Lusipurr’s podcast presence is to RPGamer.com. And yet something tells me if Lusipurr took over RPGamer and Bup took over this site…things would go horribly wrong.

  7. @Mel: No–they did, in fact, need to sell three million copies of KoA in order to break even on the development loan which they took out for that game–a loan in the amount of 75M. They eventually sold 1.2M copies of KoA, and so they made a huge loss on it, despite the fact that it is a middlingly decent game, especially for a new IP.

    The money they spent on developing their MMO was almost certainly taken from the KoA development budget, to be sure, but the loan was given to them expressly for the purpose of creating KoA alone–not the MMO as well. Wisdom would have meant paying back the surplus. Instead, they tried to use it to create a second game. But there wasn’t enough to finish the second title and so they spent all 75M, without making a first title that could cover the loan taken for its creation. Result: disaster.

    What followed next: lying to the employees and screwing them in mortgages, was just pure dickery. 38 studios can rot in hell. I hope Rhode Island sells the KoA rights to Zynga.

  8. Square Enix will probably buy it … cats and men with cigars.

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