Editorial: E3 Apathy

E3: the gamer dream land. The home of the megaton and home of the fall and rise of booth babes.

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E3 is an event that I have personally anticipated every single year since I heard of its existence. Even when the show paved its way to a “smaller, more intimate” Hell-form with good intentions, I still eagerly tuned into the live stream or live blog (yes, I am that old).

Even some years when there was no good buzz around potential announcements and even when that no-buzz ended up being a sad prophetic truth of a pathetic E3, I would still procure some satisfaction from the whole ordeal. Something about knowing that all gamers around the world were tuning in and reacting to the same events that I was was a unifying experience.

Yet this year, I have hardly even noticed as the time is swiftly drawing near.

It is not even that I have become jaded. I still consider myself a relative optimist of the game industry, though perhaps not so wide-eyed and naïve as I once was.

Maybe it is because I feel I am very aware of the games I am excited for, and many of them will not even arrive this year.

More likely it is because E3 was always most exciting during console announcements, and console announcements are certainly something that no longer excites me. I have a reputation among some Lusipurr.com staff members for loving things just because they are new and shiny. However, many of my preferences are threatened by the future of gaming.

Sure, I love digital downloads and welcome easier paths for people like me who prefer the option to download a title on occasion. However, motion controls do not appeal to me as a primary form of input. New consoles are sure to focus on innovation and new multimedia aspects instead of awesome new specs. While it is nice to have my PS3 also be my Blu-Ray player and to host Netflix, and I am aware that graphics are starting to plateau, I find myself nostalgic for the extra nerdy days when new consoles would try to out-badass each other with raw power. Even the goofy-looking Gamecube was a surprisingly powerful machine.

This year, Nintendo will essentially have to completely scrap the Wii U and reveal an entirely different console to make me interested at all.

So perhaps that is it, readers. E3 is a reminder that the days of old are gone. I do welcome progress and change, but sometimes it seems a little too fast and to be leaving a few gamers in the dust. Thanks for helping me sort that out, readers! You are always there for me. Now what about you? Looking forward to E3 this year? Any surprise announcements that you think are feasible? The only ones I can think of are definitely not feasible. I will never see Skies of Arcadia 2.


  1. Honestly, I think that this is just the kind of apathy that comes with age, and is the reason that the countdown to Christmas is not as noteworthy as it once was. I have become far too *figuratively* sober to loose my shit over E3.

    Also, the industry does itself few favours by being so scripted and predictable. We already know that Nintendo will pimp their new current-gen console, while Microsoft will throw another casual Douchefest, and then Ubisoft will do something that irks me. Really, what is there to look forward to?

    I know that once I am in the midst of E3 that my attention will perk up, and that I will likely hear about several game announcements that are to my liking, but that is not enough to set my anticipation racing in the lead-up.

    My only agenda this E3 is to get the release date for FF Type-0.

  2. I was reading along, thinking about what I could comment about. Perhaps about my similar feelings, or that there’s always some sense of doubt then a left-field announcement comes along that has me excited (basically what SN has already said)….

    BUT THEN I READ THAT LAST SENTENCE! It’s like you stuffed my head inside a gloomy toilet! Who are you, Oliver?!

  3. Mel, you would have to voluntarily crawl past the s-bend of the gloomiest toilet to even begin a conversation with Oliver (be sure to wear a bee keeper’s protective clothing if you do).

  4. Bee keeping clothes? That would let all the gloom poop in! I’d need a diving suit. The old ones with the metal and glass helmets.

  5. @Mel: Trust us on this, you’ll want a beekeeper’s suit.
    And something to soak up all the mayonnaise.

    * * * * *

    @SN: You’ve hit it spot on. E3 has no surprises in store, for the most part. There will be a few interesting things here and there, and then people at the end declaring victory for their favourite consoles, as always. “I LOVE SONY, SO PS3 WINS! I LOVE MICROSOFT, SO XBOX WINS!” etc.

    It’s largely a giant wank-fest for the industry and, I think, it has become increasingly irrelevant to the gaming public over time. I’d argue that events like TGS, PAX, and GDC are of far more import nowadays.

  6. Yeah, I think you’re right, SN. You solved Lusipurr.com article. You get a Key Item. You can sell it for less than you paid for it, but doing so unlocks an even more rare item.

  7. My own personal apathy towards E3 is mostly due to my apathy towards the modern gaming industry as a whole. It’s hard for me to care about E3 when I don’t care about the vast majority of what’s coming out, and what I DO care about are games that don’t get mentioned at E3 or get very little time devoted to them.

  8. I was going to post pretty much what Deimosion posted. The last time I was surprised and excited by something announced at E3 was Golden Sun Dark Dawn for the DS.

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