Editorial: #LusiWeds #Michigan2012

A picture of sobriety.
Lusipurr and I are obviously VERY EXCITED to be hanging out.

With my wallet hanging by the skin of its teeth, and heaving my luggage around downtown Toronto, I finally settled on a Greyhound bus that was destined to take me to Michigan.

It took the happy occasion of a wedding to finally see some of my dearest friends for the first time in over two years, but it also proved how easy it is for true friends to pick up immediately where they left off.

Nate Liles and Lusipurr picked me up from the Detroit bus station and right away I was treated to Nate saying nothing but “YOLO” while Lusipurr yelled at him. It felt like home. After checking into the hotel, we dashed off to eat. Seeing as it was quite late in the evening, I got breakfast. Nothing like an omelet and pancakes just before midnight.

It was a great evening, but I was tired from the travel and Lusipurr and Nate were tired from all the wedding preparations. We said our goodbyes and I went back to the hotel. I would have passed out, but I needed to wait up for the always-late Oliver “Riddles” “Douchebag” Montok. To stay awake I did something I very rarely do. I turned on the television. I saw the strangest TV I have seen in quite some time. Have any of you seen the Eric Andre Show? I am fairly certain that it is both the greatest and most horrible thing I have ever seen.

Anyway, the Murfreesboronian Menace finally arrived and after a tearful reunion that included holding each other for about three hours straight, I finally slept.

Nate Liles is farting in this photo.
Handsomeness barely contained by tuxedos.

The day before the wedding included Oliver swearing constantly in front of children, Lusipurr being ONE HUNDRED PER CENT SOBER, and my in-person introduction to Pierson Stone, Eric J, Chris Privitere, and Anna Marie Neufeld. However, because they are all personalities that I am familiar with, it hardly seemed like an introduction at all.

It was a very long and very good day, but everybody was anticipating the main event. Some gentle unseen being finally took some pity on poor Oliver Montok and we somehow made it to the church the next day without getting lost. With the backdrop of Canada across the river, the venue was definitely Ethan approved.

The ceremony was traditional and beautiful, with Lusipurr choosing excellent readings that showed off the majesty of religious text. Even in a hot building, I never once got anxious for the ceremony to be finished. It was lovely and well-paced.

There was some time to kill before the reception, so with old friends and new, a bunch of us went to my new favourite bar, Gord’s. You see, in Toronto, a Heineken is more than $2.50 at the bar. At Gord’s, a Heineken is exactly $2.50. This pleased me.

A time just before a podcast.
I actually think this picture is so epic.

After a legendary bar brawl*, it was time for sandwiches at Thea’s father’s place. We met up with Thea and Lusipurr there and it was lovely to kick back in a more casual setting after the ceremony. This is where the impromptu 51st Starlight Megaphone podcast was recorded.

The reception followed the pattern of the day and was an inordinate amount of fun. Drinks were had, YOLO texts were sent, and lots of grinding happened. Mostly between me and Nate Liles.

The denouement of the trip was a far more silent affair; the newly created memories mixing in everybody’s mind as everybody got in their cars or planes or buses.

If nothing else, the incredibly good time served as a reminder that it should not have to come to major life events for such good friends to get together. But until next time, there is only one thing to say…


*Actually just a pair of glasses being sat on


  1. Is that Chris Privitere or Michael Pachter?

    I copy/pasted Chris’s last name.

  2. Photo’s taken from Pierson Stone Pearson Sloan’s (my) facebook. Also, as I said to Ethan in an earlier tweet, I could not describe the experience any better myself. It was a great pleasure and honor to meet all of you and I hope we can all get back together sometime soon!

  3. Did Oliver really have a beer in one hand and a Mountain Dew in the other? I’m not sure if I want to vomit or have irritable bowels, but that combination would definitely cause me pain and make liquid spew out of one of my holes.

    Oh, and nice to hear the wedding was classy…

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