Castle Lusipurr #45: Simply the Worst

Not pictured, but present at the actual event: generous quantities of warm, reeking mayonnaise and several thousand very angry bees.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

This actually happened whilst Ethos and Riddles were here for my wedding.

And this was my actual response.


  1. Bod WAS our D.J.

    Motok did illegally obtain alcohol at the wedding, but luckily it all turned to mayonnaise just before passing his lips.

    And then bees chased him from the premises.

  2. Wait… so Oliver still isn’t 21?! Is he at least older than Pearson?

  3. I have two questions. #1: What is Oliver good for? #2: Was there Foster’s at the wedding?

  4. @SN Oliver’s only 5 years old, remember? Blue Dragon’s not that old!

    (I’m pretty sure he’s older than me, though, and I turned 21 last month.)

  5. @Matt: The wedding wasn’t held in Australia, else I’d have been there – so, no.

  6. @Matt: Foster’s was NOT on the menu, much to the relief of our guests.

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