TSM Episode 53: Celebrationcast

Celebrate good times. C'mon. (Let's celebrate.)

Produced 2012.06.24

In an effort to bring the latest POSITIVE and UPLIFTING news to gamers, Deimosion and Lusipurr hijack the Trans-Pacific Cable normally reserved for Australian use. In a Lusipurr.com first, the news is almost entirely good: great games are on the horizon!


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  2. I would say that Nintendo understood they couldn’t keep doing the same thing with the Gamecube. They realized they needed to change up the way they did things and took a big risk on the Wii, which happened to pay off in a huge way. At least it paid off for a time…

    And I’m sure you guys will mention thing later, but the Nintendo Direct webconference thing…Why wasn’t this all saved for E3, I have no idea. So many interesting announcements.

  3. If they were attempting to appeal to investors, then Nintendo certainly misfired!

  4. Yeah, I dunno. That article was saying how everything they did at E3 was all investor “fan service”, so to say. But, on the other hand, if what Nintendo’s doing doesn’t excite people who will actually BUY their product (people like us, who in turn got all the moms and grandmas to buy the Wii in the first place) then a wise investor should be worried. But, if Nintendo’s investors only want to see copies of things that worked previously (because that ALWAYS works, you know!) then I suppose this was an “appeal”. *Sigh*

    What Nintendo’s message was this time around is “we want to appeal to everybody”. Which makes me think they’ll end up appealing to nobody. You just can’t please everyone. However, what I think Nintendo’s actual strategy will be is to try and copy the Wii’s performance as much as possible. That is to say, attempt to front load the Wii U with core titles that gamers want then dump that in favor of casual market shit that’s easier to crank out. The problem for them, though, is two fold from what I gather:

    The Wii U’s launch doesn’t look as good as the Wii’s to core gamers (strictly on a game schedule point of view) AND casuals will not upgrade for a host of reasons many others have discussed before.

  5. When, in today’s market, Milton Bradley can persuade people to upgrade their board games, Nintendo will be able to persuade casuals to upgrade their consoles. Good luck, N!

    Appealing to everyone is a sure way to appeal to nobody; Nintendo will lose the core gamers in their shovelling of drivel and N-ware out on their consoles–they will lose the casual gamers through porting 360/PS3 titles which frighten those people, for they desperately don’t want to be associated with anything resembling an actual game–only with the FB-style-shite that they are pleased to think is trendy and modern.

  6. Haha, yeah. Probably. But you don’t think there will be any confusion about the Wii U versus the Wii for those casual customers? Or that they’ll probably look at their Wii, which they still use for Wii Bowling on occasion, and say “This still works, why get another?” I suppose if it’s made trendy enough they’d go for the new system, but will that happen? That controller doesn’t look like the nonthreatening TV remote the Wii had.

  7. @Mel: That is the point I was making in my first comment. Fat chance on N making the WiiU as trendy as the Wii was. Ever heard of the Hulu Hoop? It was huge, amazing huge, once upon a time. And then it stopped being huge and it was never huge again–nor even really significant. Doesn’t stop companies from trying to sell them.

    That’s Nintendo. The WiiHuluHoop.

  8. Hey, do you guys know what isn’t trendy?


    Let’s try to capture the iPad market by making our controller look like a $25 Chinese ePad!! That’s cool, right? ^_^

  9. What you mean look like? It IS that $25 ePad, right down to its lack of multi-touch.

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