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Greeting readers! I am the newest reader to sell my soul to Lusipurr. For the eternity that it is in his possession he has demanded that I bring you new posts every Friday. You may remember me as ‘The reader who donated and won a game’. I have been following the site since the first podcast, though I listened to Lusipurr while he was on RPGamer’s podcast. I soon tired of stalking Lusipurr across the internet and decided to try my hand at writing for him instead.

And now a little background on myself: when I was a child my parents owned a stationery shop which over time started stocking video games. Eventually the stationery was removed in favour of only stocking video games, consoles and peripherals. Throughout the 16-bit era I had access to every game released within the last few months, as well as a healthy selection of second-hand titles. When it came time to close the doors for the last time in 1999 I was well and truly hooked.

The first game I purchased with my own money was Pokemon Red. I had already found that role-playing games were my favourite genre after playing through all 3 Shining Force games on the Sega Mega Drive. Living in England I missed out on some of the better RPGs of the era, such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV & VI and Earthbound. When the PlayStation 2 was released I was tired of not having access to many games unreleased in Europe. I bought a PS2 from the states and began importing as many PS1 RPGs as I could find, eventually importing PS2 RPGs and playing them months ahead of their release in Europe. I would describe these as my hardcore years, when all my free time was spent playing games. Eventually I met a girl and settled down and soon my budget had priorities other than video games.

Currently I own a PC, PS3, DS, Wii and a PSP. I spend most of my gaming time playing World of Warcraft while streaming Netflix on my PS3. I enjoy progressing through heroic mode raids a couple of nights each week, otherwise I can usually be found dominating the glyph market on the auction house. I have traveled to stay with friends in other countries that I have met in Warcraft, even flying to the Netherlands to attend a guild meet-up of our 10-man raid team that included players from five different countries. Some of my fondest memories of the last few years come from meeting and spending time with people who I got to know in-game.

I still enjoy playing RPGs on consoles, though now I usually play with my kids. My son often provides me with a free level-grinding service in the recent Final Fantasy games. We spend many rainy afternoons together playing the recent Sonic the Hedgehog games. In a few years they will both be able to play and appreciate the games I had when I was their age. Will they enjoy them as much as I did? I believe that it will be a true test of the classics if the next generation cherish them as much as the last.


  1. Thanks, good to be here. I’ve been lurking in the background for far too long.


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