TSM Episode 55: Piecast

Looks delicious, but is not really made of mud.
Mud Pie

Produced 2012.07.08

When Atlus announces they will region lock Persona 4 Arena, Lusipurr.com brings down the hammer. Wayward corporations aside, pies feature heavily, much to the delight of the Fat Princess. Also, the Japanese fetish for killing Gods results in a new game.


  1. About the Atlas thing. Lusi, you said that a ten dollar price difference is fair, between the US and Japanese pricing. I’m curious why this would be the case. Is it because of the exchange between yen and dollars, and something to do with the strengthening yen? From what I know, generally, video games in Japan not only cost varied amounts, but cost MUCH more than an equivalent of 60 dollars. It’s something I’ve never gotten an answer too.

  2. @Mel: I mean that it is close enough to a ‘standard’ price, if such a thing can be said to exist. $50-70 for a full-priced AAA title seems reasonable; whereas Australia’s crazy $150 prices are clearly extortionate. Japan can, and does, price things around the $100 mark, which is absolutely absurd; by that measure, P4A seems positively generous.

  3. From what I know, Japan likes to price their games around the scale and cost of production. So most RPGs are about $80. I guess it all comes down to the consumer culture in Japan, and what they’re willing to accept. I’ve been given this general answer in regards to the lack of an AC adapter coming with the new 3DS model. In Japan, this isn’t something crazy. Nintendo and other companies have done this before many times. However, they know they wouldn’t get away with it in the US since consumers were bound to complain about it.

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