Castle Lusipurr #48: Communism and Punishment

Soon, he will be an accountant, too! Geraniums, ahoy!
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Geraniums are a type of flower. This week, they are mentioned.

Bod is not a type of flower. This week, he is also mentioned (but not seen).

Next week, things will be different. Until then, enjoy this week’s comic this week. (Perhaps you should eat some Doritos whilst you read the comic.)


  1. “I’ll be returned faster than an accidental order of Bible Black.”


  2. @Dan: When I think of all the accidental orders that must be put in by Southern religious organisations, thinking Bible Black is an educational video, I laugh and clap my hands.

  3. I imagine that many of them “accidentally” don’t get returned as well.

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