Castle Lusipurr #49: Relocation

Wrong again, Oliver. This isn't Sunnydale.
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The building is unique for a number of reasons. The first is its highly sought-after Aperture Science Permanent Portal Fixtures (trademark), which have replaced all external doors to prevent any pesky escapes or ‘resignations’ that may occur on the part of employees. The second is the SOA, or Simulated Outdoor Area, which reduces claustrophobia and/or excessive weight gain due to the inability to leave the building. But most importantly, there is the escape button, which uses the soul power gathered during the hiring process to eject the entire skyscraper from the ground and move it elsewhere. Which is useful when the site’s donations are so low that one cannot pay the rent.


  1. The English Midlands welcome you. As your research has noted, our weather is adequate for keeping Fosters cold. Be aware though, there is only sunshine for about 2 hours a day during the summer (otherwise its overcast, rainy and/or night).

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