TSM Episode 57: The Cancellation of Versus XIII

Sometimes a picture speaks volumes. Sometimes a picture is absolutely perfect at capturing the mood of a story. This is such a time.
How apt.

Produced 2012.07.22

The panel investigates the Final Fantasy XIII rumour mill in a special roundtable discussion of speculative news. Has Versus XIII been canceled? Has XV been in development for six years? Is ‘A Fish Called Wada’ a real movie on Netflix? Listen and learn!


  1. I also haven’t listened yet, but I recall seeing “A Fish Called Wanda” when it was new to DVD several years ago. I don’t recall much else about it aside from Kevin Kline was in it and he had a line that went: “Go on! Fuck her blue!” and that my mother was in the room at the same time and I was fairly young then so it was very awkward. .____.

  2. I’ve honestly felt very lukewarm about Versus XIII since I’ve heard about it, and pretty much throughout this rumored cancellation. We have next to no info about this game, how can anyone honestly care one way or another unless, of course, they’re being fanatical about it.

  3. I think most people are more invested in the idea of Versus than the game itself.

  4. Versus never should have been announced until the development process was in a position to see the light of day.

  5. I’m with SN on this one. There’s been promising stuff shown for Versus, but there’s no indication that it’s anything what the game will be like.

  6. I don’t recall anything with real substance being shown for Versus. The very pretty trailer is par for the course these days for SE, so I couldn’t get *too* impressed by that. Then we had some snippets of what was supposed to look like gameplay that could have been DLC for FF13 if you told people otherwise. In the presence of FF13 itself, I had that to look forward to, and this game to forget about.

    However, they wanted to announce it because it was apart of their 3 game set within that Fabulously Nominative Chrysalis series, or whatever the fuck it was called, so they must have felt compelled to announce all three games when announcing the set. What makes these games a set, and why did it need to be that way? I have no idea.

  7. Who can tell what’s most likely to happen where Square Enix is concerned? Least of all, them. But I think the best use of those assets would go to a XIII-3, which also “continues the Lightning saga.” XV should be all new, not rethought material from Fabulosa Nervosa Crystalis stuff.

  8. @MD I would think that the whole FNC project is dead. With Final Fantasy Zero and Versus being up in the air, the only game holding that project together is the FFXIII series.

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