Castle Lusipurr #51: Settling Down

Of course the relocation to England wasn't an overly complicated ploy for Lusipurr to see the Olympics in person. That would be excessive, not to mention a waste of three weeks of comic time.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Even with an unspecified number of Men in Black on hand to Lusipurr at any given moment (not to mention those ninjas), it is preferred in this case that the employees themselves dig the hole in which the building is to be placed? Why? Simply because the hard work they will put into making their workplace useable will transfer into a sense of camaraderie towards their fellow colleagues, and a general pride in the building, and therefore itself. This will in turn improve employee relations and work ethic.

Plus, it’ll get them out of the boss’s hair, enabling him to go and watch the London 2012 Olympics undisturbed. CONVENIENCE!


  1. I hope you rotters keep it down whilst you’re digging. I don’t want the noise to disturb my viewing of the Men’s Doubles Tea Brewing competition.

  2. All of this digging is impacting negatively on my sobriety deficit. D:

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