Castle Lusipurr #52: Olympics 2012

Ethos has his formal kimono on. That's when you know it's serious business.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

This is the place where Lusipurr was supposed to write his little thing about the Olympics. As you can see, he did not write a little thing about the Olympics because he spent the first half of the week being sick and overworked, and the second half of the week being overworked and playing Final Fantasy XIV.

So, instead, after looking at the latest medal count, Lusipurr says: Fuck yeah, America! Hopefully, that will hold you over until next week.


  1. It’s time to get sewious!

    I love the Olympics. No, really! The pole vault is brilliant!

  2. The fencing was pretty fun to watch. It’s about the only thing I that held my attention, in between being busy and other obligations.

  3. … What do you even call it when a high jumper is too scared to jump high?!

    ^^Clearly a person that our government should be investing millions of dollars in! ^_^

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