TSM Episode 61: Mann vs. The Industry

This pokemap is (cp_)STEEL type.
What a marvelous fusion!

Produced 2012.08.19

Lusipurr has a few gin and tonics and, joined by his even more Australian co-panelist–SiliconNooB–he decides to take the industry to task. The job proving more difficult than intended, Blitzmage is called into the effort, which is mostly a rant.


  1. That blurb makes me quite excited to listen to this later. Mayhaps I’ll live comment!

  2. So, the FF6 will become the FF12 playthrough? Hey, it’s actually been a while since I’ve played 12, and I’d love to do so again…but I need a PS2! Grumble. I now either need to ask for my PS2 back from the friend I lent it to, or buy a refurbished one.

  3. It’s perfect timing for me. Man FF12 is so good. With my 25 hour head start there’s finally a chance I might actually complete the playthrough!

  4. I want more angry rant podcasts like this one. It should be like a thing. The current state of the gaming industry pisses me off so much.

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