Editorial: Catching Em’ All

Another hundred hours of catching em' all
Pokemon Black 2

Hello Lusislaves, welcome to Friday! As you should be aware, in October Lusipurr.com will have another of its regular Pokemon events. Yes, Lusi and the gang are getting ready for the release of Black 2 and White 2.

Now, in the past you will have read about Pokemon challenge runs. Today I will be writing about my time dedicated to collecting all the Pokemon available, that is, in all the games from the first generation up to the fifth.

My journey started with the release of Red and Blue. After “acquiring” Blue from my brother, I set about gathering all one hundred and fifty creatures on one cartridge. This was in 98′ and as Europe would not see the games for another year, we had to have them imported. Sadly this meant no Mew for us. My stumbling block came while trying to catch a tauros in the safari zone. Catching that one Pokemon took me several days and likely tens of hours. When I finally had it the joy of having caught them all was like nothing else.

With the original release of Gold and Silver I was ready to do it all again. I imported both games myself this time and had Gold finished within a couple of weeks. With the new breeding mechanics, I set about building my final party again from eggs, ready to trade with Silver. My new job got in the way of heavy playing though, so the dream of collecting all two hundred and fifty one was soon set to one side for my ability to earn lots of money.

The third generation soon came around, and with it the news that Pokemon could not be brought forward. I was heartbroken. All my effort would lie dormant in old cartridges, while I set about rebuilding again from scratch. I did not import either game straight away, nor did I buy it a few months later when they were released in Europe. Later on that year though I was planning to spend a month abroad with my new girlfriend and her family, so keeping myself occupied when we could not be alone was a must. Ruby was packed and off we flew.

The collecting bug did not hit me this time. Maybe it was because I did not have access to a lot of the Pokemon I loved. This was soon fixed with the re-releases of FireRed and LeafGreen. I was hooked again. Both games were quickly bought, and soon my Pokedex was filling up. I set about transfering all my Pokemon over from Ruby and soon bought Sapphire cheap off eBay. Emerald was released a year later and was quickly added to the pile of finished games, but the effort involved was becoming a bit much for me. My girlfriend and I were expecting our first child and my gaming time was drastically reduced. I had to take break, though sadly I had not yet filled out the original Pokedex again.

Dragonite, soon you will be mine
My Pokemon collection

So there the games sat, until the fourth generation rolled around. By now we were expecting our second child, so both time and money were tight. I bought and completed Diamond, and even started transferring my collection over. By the end I had a whopping three hundred and twenty Pokemon obtained. The second generation re-releases came, but with a new job I only put in five hours before setting the game aside.

With the release of Black and White that had all changed. My son was interested in video games! I bought him White to play around with when we could not play together, and I went on to complete Black myself. A busy life meant that the game was put aside before the collection was transferred over. There were new games to play, and two children to spend time with.

That bring us to present day. Lusipurr has recently picked up White again, and with the event a little over a month away, I thought I should too. over the last few days I have moved my entire collection over to Black, Bred, captured and leveled many Pokemon. By the time you read this I will have finally filled out the first hundred and fifty again, and many more besides. I never want to fire another Pokeball from a crossbow again.

So to the future. I doubt I will transfer everything again come October, unless Nintendo allow us to transfer entire boxes over at a time. Oh, I am sure there are a few Pokemon that I will not have yet, but I will save those for the inevitable release of the sixth generation of games.

Readers, have you caught em’ all? Are you preparing for the Pokefest in October? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Nintendo/GameFreak’s use of minigames to transfer Pokemon (GBA to Diamond/Pearl, and now Diamond/Pearl to Black/White) is absolutely awful. Transferring PKMN has always been cumbersome even when there wasn’t a minigame involved. Adding a time-consuming minigame to the mix has made it even worse.

    I simply do not understand why there cannot be a quick, easy way to transfer PKMN from one game to another. And, I hope that, in future, Nintendo will learn about this thing called ‘THE INTERNET’ and will use that to allow us to transfer our PKMN up to a general account, and then down to particular games that we have linked to that account.

    Be warned, though: At the moment, Nintendo only lets you link one of each game to your PKMN-Global Link account. So, if you sell White, and then re-buy it again at a later date, you would have to create an entirely new account. You cannot delete your former game from your registration, nor can you update that registration, nor can you add a game you already have.


  2. The closest I’ve ever come to catching them all was around 200 Pokemon in FireRed, most of which were caught on the cart or obtained through trading with other people.

    Lately, I’ve found the collection aspect of the game doesn’t really suit me as much; I’m more interested in some of the various challenge runs that are possible in the games. The fact that Pokemon can appeal to a casual audience, a competitive tournament scene, collecting fans, and challenge run-doers is one of the series’ greatest strengths.

  3. I’m more with Dan on this one. While I’m actually more interested in collecting than I was when I first started playing as a child, it’s more a matter of “I’ll catch everything I see” as opposed to “I NEED EVERY ONE”. That’s probably why I start strong with the Pokémon contests but finish poorly.

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