Castle Lusipurr #56: Begin Phase Two!

Thanks to my awesome boyfriend for buying me Gods and Kings. When I'm found dead this time next week at my PC you'll know why, and who to blame.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

With the Final Fantasy XII Playthrough upon us, it only makes sense that this opportunity is correctly utilized. And by that, we mean trial running potential robots.
Julian gets through about forty cans of Foster’s each playthrough, and leaves them littered around his desk. The answer? Trashcan Man!
Lusipurr enjoys a nice cup of tea when contemplating plots that have suspicious similarities to a certain popular sci-fi movie. The answer? Tea Man!
Can’t understand Ethos and Ginia when hours upon hours of gaming renders their speech Canadian and incoherent? Canadian Translation Man, eh?

Any more ideas? Suggestions in the comments!


  1. Once again, amazing job Kenjujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujuju. I like all the little side comments made by myself, you, and the other staff members. Keep up the great job.

  2. These really do get better every week. I’m not just saying that.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. Should anyone attempt to escape, for some unknown reason, from their Playthrough Enjoyment Chairs(tm), we could use the services of Restraint Man. Not that such an eventuality will be necessary, of course.

  4. Just commenting to say I still do read these and enjoy them. Keep ’em coming!

  5. I’m worried about who’s going to guard against these robots if they go berzerk. How can you stop Canadian Translation Man? Will a hero arise in the form of Poutine Man? Will the Kraft Dinner Blaster he aquires be useful against Tea Man or Dustbin Man? I eagerly await the next comic to find out what happens…

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