Editorial: The Pre-Patch Fatigue

Out of sheer boredom I convinced Pierson to do a dance for me. See the size of those hands?
One lonely night in Stormwind.

Hello and welcome to Friday! Yes, I am writing about World of Warcraft again. I spend at least an hour a day playing/working to make some gold in the game. I think many of my fellow guildies see me as an easy source of cash if they need a loan. What many people do not know though is that I have two different accounts; one for Europe and one America.

I raid on both accounts, each having a level eighty-five restoration druid who is trained in herbalism and inscription. That is as far as the similarities go though. One account has been logged into daily, while the other has sat inactive (while fully subscribed) for the last fortnight. What reason do I have for different play style on each account? Simple, I am waiting for new content.

On the American account I went from level one to eighty-five in two weeks. In that time I also managed to get myself raid-ready by the end of the second week. Despite Mists of Pandaria being two months away at the time, I was able to jump into a guild with Lusipurr and raid each week, max each of my primary professions and run dungeons for valor. I was unable to get into the glyph market there because the server is too old and over populated, glyph prices were lower than some materials sold for. On the European realm I had done all of this long ago, and my guild was taking a break before the expansion, so very little happened than I needed to log in for.

That all changed when the Pandaria patch hit the live servers. Raiding dwindled as other features became active, players became less interested in serious raiding when their characters were ‘incomplete’. The patch left everyone without their final talents, and a great many did not have access to their preferred glyphs. These are unavailable until Mists launches in a week and a half. I logged in and had a play with all my new toys, but ultimately decided that there was nothing much to do right now. Most raids happen at odd times for me, so what little I could do was out of my reach for the time being. I could not even force myself to make gold.

I gave most it away to guildies.
A lifetimes worth of gold

On the European realms the situation was completely different. I had logged in daily to craft glyphs and post them on the auction house, while buying the majority of materials from the auction house as well. When the patch hit, the market changed. No longer were inks readily available. Herb prices went through the roof, as did glyph prices. I flew around collecting materials myself as the opportunity to increase my profit was obvious. I conducted business deals with friends to produce goods we believed would be highly sought after come launch day. As I was spending more time online, I got chatting to people in the community who were looking for an extra to come raiding with them, presenting me with the perfect opportunity to see how I would perform in the future.

Sadly, this did not continue. I am once again back to my purchase-materials-and-craft routine. The American account still sits unplayed. Content is king, and right now Warcraft is in between content. Sure, soon we will have the launch event and right after, the full expansion. That does not give me much reason to play right now. Instead, I spend my time filling out my pokedex, reading or finding a new RPG to review for this site. Some of it is worthwhile work, but I want to go back to the challenge of leveling and gearing my characters as quick as possible.

So the minute Pandaria launches I will be racing my guild mates to level ninety, failing that, I aim to get a realm first for one of my professions. I have the next week off to prepare myself for the long grind, though I doubt I will spend much time in the game. That is how goes when a major expansion looms around the corner.

Readers, have you been avoiding Warcraft recently? Maybe you would like to come and join us on the Moon Guard server in the new Lusi-guild, Perpetual Disappointment? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I, too, have been taking a break from regular play in advance of the upcoming patch. Part of this is due to the fact that I do not have access to the full range of skills and glyphs, and the other part is down to not having a desire to put lots of time into WoW when I know I will be spending loads of time in future.

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