Castle Lusipurr #57: Robot Integration

As an Evil Overlord it's a wonder he didn't own a giant golden throne already.
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The Lab has been busy. This week sees the arrival of several new Giant Robots. (We should probably stop calling them that since they’re shorter than Bod.) As the Final Fantasy XII Playthrough continues, energy needs, trash and forgotten items rise dramatically – but the hardworking folk behind the Giant Robot Scheme think of all kinds of ways around these problems. Because practicality is of the utmost importance.

Yes, Dig Man is a necessary creation. He will be used to dig up all that beautiful English Countryside in order to expand the offices, to make way for MORE ROBOTS!


  1. Bring Man is sheer genius, and I am a genius for inventing him, which I did, by myself (not Kendra), solely on my own (not Kenjujuu in any way).

  2. This is hysterical, I love all the captions! And such excellent work on the robot designs! And the return of Riddles.

  3. So good. And was definitely going to point to Bring Man as a favourite.

  4. Polish Man is one of the greatest things to ever come out of this comic.

  5. :D Who couldn’t use Bring Man in their life??

    “Polish Man also speaks Polish.”

    I just love this.

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