Castle Lusipurr #58: A Slightly Less Informative Tour

The decision between giving the Men in Black science goggles over their sunglasses or sunglasses over their science goggles was a tough one. I went with Science Sungoggles. Patent Pending.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

The first attempt at making Health Man has gone awry. Clearly, overproduction has resulted in mass confusion and widespread chaos throughout the lab. If this is to continue, the safety of not only the robot engineers but the entire staff may be in jeopardy, as general Health and Safety protocol is thrown to the wayside and the office is stripped of all metals and other materials to further the project.

On a lighter note, Tours are now half price! Fancy a trip to (not so) sunny England? Hop on a plane and come visit us! Bask in the artificial warmth of the Simulated Outdoor Area! Seat yourself in one of our exclusive Uncomfortable Orange Chairs! Essayez d’éviter la mauvaise odeur des pieds d’Oliver Montok! (Viewings of the lab are unfortunately unavailable.) This offer won’t be available forever, so book today! (Terms and Conditions apply. You may have to relinquish non-transferable rights to your immortal soul. See the booking website for details.)


  1. Half-price!? How are we going to make money that way?

    Quick. We need Accounting Man!

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