Editorial: Good Riddance to Ivalice

LusiSlaves! How have you all been? Super shitty? Good to hear! If you listen our sites podcast or even look at the site in general, you will know that we just finished up the amazing Final Fantasy VI XII play through, and boy what a play through that was. Who finished the game, besides Lusipurr? Yeah… neither did I. Sadly, I did not have a weekend to sit in front of the television for fifty some hours. I do have to say that I did WANT to play FFXII but the time sink that is getting a second year film project off the ground took much more work and effort than I realized and also I started a relationship which also is a huge time sink, HI STEPHANIE!

Final Fantasy XII Screenshot 2
Judge Vader

I know that many of you think that I am just saying these things to get out of giving the game an honest chance, truth is I really tried. I got about twenty hours into the game. I was got up to the trek to some mountain temple place, fought a boss, lost a couple times, looked at the calendar, 29th September, threw the PS2 controller on the ground, and said “Fuck it, I am not finishing this game by the end of the month”. In all honesty, I find the Ivalice games in the Final Fantasy series to be lacking something that I feel could make the games truly great, except Final Fantasy Tactics that game is amazing and anyone who says different should die and go to a hell where they have to talk with Reetin all day and night.

You know when people talk about the “it factor” of something, I feel that the Ivalice games are missing that something. Maybe it is because the other games do not even hold a candle to Final Fantasy Tactics, with the exception of FFXII, or could it be that the games barley resemble the masterpiece that they stem from. There are no Viera, Bangaa, Rev, or those fucking Nu Mou rabbit people, all we saw were humes and it all was good in the world. If that makes me an Ivalice racists then sign me up for the Ivalice KKK because seriously these races suck. The Viera are just bunny elves, Nu Mou are just the worlds old and retarded put into one race, the Bangaa are just lizard knuckle Joe’s, and the Rev… what the fuck are they even four… you only see like three in the entire series and only one is really good for something but, he is in the shittiest game the Ivalice alliance put out, Final Fantasy Tactics: A2. The only good race that they added post FFT were the Moogles, but Moogles should be a playable race in every game ever in my opinion.

Ivalice Alliance Logo
Better off dead

Do not even get me started on the originality of FFXII‘s story. FFXII is seriously just “Star Wars Episode IV”. While that is a tried and true story, Square literally did NOTHING to change it at all. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is only a little bit better and has aged pretty well from when it first came out. The struggle of realizing ones self and what you really want in life and realizing what you have is a story that I will always find endearing. I have not played Vagrant Story so I can not comment on it’s story apart from the fact that it takes place just south of Ivalice. FFXII: Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy Tactics: A2 were just shit, no real inspiration, and shit stories.

I think my problem with all the Ivalice games is that very few connected to each other to make a greater plot. Sure they were set in the same place, sometimes having the same characters ie. FFXII to FFXII:RW and to a point FFTA and FFTA2, but they still were not that well connected. They others sometimes had allusions to the others, like having Luso and Balthier unlockable in the PSP remake of FFT. However, after you unlocked them they just became another party member with a special skin and class. That is just boring. This series is just boring and I am glad we are not going to be wasting our time there anymore. I would rather spend my time with FFXIII-2 and it’s multitude of unwanted DLC.

At the end of the day, I am not a big fan of Ivalice and the many games set there. Early in my gaming carrier I did like them, but over time the taste of them has grown stale in my mouth. It is time for something new Square. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments.


  1. You, sir, are a witch!! When Ethos died (I assume he died) in some proximity to you his witch powers transferred to you (as we know from the FFVIII documentary), and thusly, WITCH!

    I like the Ivalice games generally. I’m OK with a bunch of greatly differing games that take place in the same world/universe. You’re seeing different parts of the same thing without being shown the whole picture. It’s the difference between a plot hole and something that just wasn’t ever explained.

    The lack of connections between Ivalice games I think is probably a result of two thing. First, they were kind of making it up as they went along. The human-only (and demons, I guess) FFT seems to show that. Why were there no annoying rabbit people or moogles otherwise? Second, Matsuno, the guy responsible for FFT and FFXII left during FFXII’s development and Square-Enix brought in such renowned developers such as Akitoshi Kawazu of FF2 and Unlimited Saga (I’m still sad Lusipurr didn’t get forced to play and review it) fame.

    Also, you forgot an apostrophe!

  2. @EP: He forgot a lot of punctuation.

    But, seriously: what you said. Nothing wong with the games in the series just because they don’t hold a candle to FFT. What can? Few games compare favourably to that masterpiece.

  3. So I see you don’t like the story of XII, but did you like the battle system, Blitz?


    Ahem, I would imagine you would rate Ivalice higher if you had played that game. I liked it better than FFT to be honest.

  5. I’m also of the opinion that FF Tactics is the best game set in Ivalice. I’ve only played Tactics and XII, though. So, I can’t really comment on what happened to Ivalice in all those other games. I think, most of the time, game series don’t plan what’s going to happen past the first game. There are certainly exceptions but Hideo Kojima said that he didn’t expect to make a 2nd Metal Gear game. Or a 3rd or a 7th for that matter. I don’t think Square-Enix planned on making XIII-2 at first either. There originally was no plan for a 4th Star Ocean. People who’ve played the 3rd one know what I’m talking about. ^_~

    I tried playing Vagrant Story on PS3 and it’s kind of hard for me to get into. It seems like it’s got a lot of really interesting and unique mechanics. It think it’s one of those games like Legend of Mana where you love it if you know everything about it. I do not know anything about it. So, I’m finding it kind of a trial to play.

  6. I think I’m in the Lusipurr.com minority when I say that I liked FFXII more than Tactics. Both games are absolutely phenomenal, though.

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