TSM Episode 68: Punchbeginning

But if it WERE a metaphor, Lusipurr would be Punch, and his staff members would be the various people that Punch remorselessly bludgeons to death (Ethos would be Judy).
This is not a metaphor for the way in which Lusipurr.com is run.

Produced 2012.10.07

Lusipurr invents the Punchbeginner without any help at all from Blitzmage, much to the chagrin of the latter. Feeling that the Red Menace has grown too big for his boots, SiliconNooB puts his foot down and, with the aid of Deimosion, victory is a shoe-in.


  1. If we’d listened to Pierson then this podcast would have been about nought but high-top Velcro sneakers

  2. @SN: Luckily sense prevailed over footwear, else this would have been Spatscast!

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