TSM Episode 69: Return of the Bup

...and neither will you.
We will never grow tired of this picture.

Produced 2012.10.14

SiliconNooB plunks down a bundle as part of the Academic Punchbeginner© and, as a result, Bup rises from the earth to wreak a mighty interviewing vengeance upon Lusipurr, revealing for once and all the deepest and darkest secrets of the black-caped man.


  1. I wish Nate had asked more questions like the superpower one. So much wasted potential!

  2. Man, if only I had heard this interview before I went to Comic Con. I really could have used some of these when talking to Hideo Baba. I would have been happy to spend $100 on that myself… Maybe I should consider donating and having Nate interview you again (Even at the risk of flaying).

  3. I don’t know about “worth it,” but I enjoyed it. Favorite question: “farts or butts,” and maybe the only one you could give a straight answer to.

  4. @Matt: “Worthless” would be a more accurate description than “worth it”.

  5. Regarding RE6, that instant death sequence that Nate mentioned killed me twice.

  6. I was cracking the hell up. In the later episodes of Megaphones Ahoy, Nate was just being obnoxious. However, sometimes Nate actually says things that have real comic value and there were several parts of that interview where I thought he was shining through.

  7. Most of the comic value involved the interview came from Lusipurr’s reactions to Nate, particularly the Beethoven question.

  8. Yeah, I think most of the comic value in the interview comes from the entire interview.

  9. Strongly agree.

    Neither Lusipurr or Nate are ever more funny than when they’re together. Lusipurr’s wounded dignity and growing frustration just compliment Nate so well.

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