TSM Episode 72: The Lusicast

Impressive, though the hat should be a bowler.
Lusipurr Cosplay

Produced 2012.11.04

For the second time running, Lusipurr cannot remember what episode he is recording–but all is well, for this week he has assembled the first panel comprised solely of intelligent, cultured, industrious men. A veritable deluge of sophistication awaits!


  1. Ahhh… Ethan. I didn’t expect you to be around to listen to it this weekend.

  2. Got home at 10:30 after 60 hours away. Plenty to catch up on. Although I’m told I should “sleep” for “work” “tomorrow”.

  3. Just thought I’d mention here that I’m currently playing Curt Schilling’s ode to financial malfeasance: Kingdoms of Amalur. Is it bad that I’m enjoying it so far?

  4. BAD! *beats Mel around the snout with a rolled-up newspaper*

  5. Nah, Mel. Kingdoms of Amalur is great. Separate from all the mess it’s a really fun game.

  6. Although, I DID immediately stop playing when I heard of all the problems. Knowing the franchise was dead in its tracks took away some appeal.

    Also, Lusipurr. Why didn’t you count your paperclips?

  7. Oh now I understand Lusipurr’s comment of not expecting me to be around to listen to this this weekend. He didn’t know I would hear his truth-bomb monologue.

  8. @Ethos: Ha ha! Actually, I DID know you were going to listen, which is why it is a funny joke! Ha ha! See? Funny! Ha ha ha!

  9. Lusipurr, when is the poke-lympics this year & what friendcode do I put in?

  10. I believe that we are giving the Pokemon contest a miss this year, on account of Lusipurr being obscenely busy at present.

  11. I was sad that a chapter of a Confederacy of Dunces was not read out, but I look forward to listening to it on the next episode.

  12. @Imitanis: More next time, presuming I have SOME PANELISTS.

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