Editorial: Piecemeal Gaming

So if you as a reader could not tell I have not had a lot of time to play games in the past couple of months. What with producing a film and balancing a new relationship, which I wrote about last week for those interested, I have found it quite hard to manage a decent amount of time to play games. So I have resorted to what I call “Piecemeal Gaming”. For those who do not know what piecemeal means here is a definition I found on Google: “Characterized by unsystematic partial measures taken over a period of time.” In short, piecemeal gaming for me is just grabbing one game whenever I have free time and just playing fifteen to thirty minutes of it.

Tetris NES Screenshot
Tetris, the king of the piecemeal gaming sessions.

So with that out of the way I would like to go over which games I find to be the best for this type of gaming style and why. At the top of this list has got to be the king of piecemeal gaming, Tetris. Most gamers have played it at work or school when they needed to kill some time. Tetris is probably the easiest pick up and play game I have on my iPhone. The great thing about Tetris is that the game is never-ending so players can keep progressing and easily track their line making skills. The sessions save themselves so I can pick them back up literally at any time ever. I remember I started playing a Tetris session in January 2012 and picked it back up again a couple months later. Another portable game that is great for piecemeal gamers is any game from the Pokémon series. With the challenge of catching all six hundred some Pokemon, a piecemeal gamer can really go to town on this one. I can just pick up the game for a few minutes to catch, train or breed some Pokemon and get closer to having them all. I do have to say that if potential piecemeal gamers are going to play Final Fantasy VI on a portable console, they can have a great time with the game. In short bursts, gamers can level their Esper abilities so that playable characters can quickly become over powered and be able to get through the game when the player so chooses.

For piecemeal gamers this is a perfect game. But for people who are more interested in a more hardcore RPG experience I would recommend the Nintendo Wii RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles. With tons of small quests in each town and the ability to save anywhere at any time, this game lends itself greatly to the piecemeal gamer. I can pick up the game, do a few quests, save, and turn the Wii off and feel like I have accomplished something. Also the story is set up with frequent breaks and “system saves” so one can continue the story in little bits as well. In terms of the quest aspect, they all add to the story and culture of the different cities or dungeons in the game. A second console game that I would recommend to piecemeal gamers is Fallout 3 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game has so many things to do with discovering new towns, monster caves, survivor settlements, and tons of story and side quests. A piecemeal gamer can spend many, many sessions doing tons of things in the Fallout universe and much like Xenoblade Chronicles there is the ability to save anywhere and at any time.

The Pitt is for piecemeal gamers…

If one is looking for a massively multiplayer experience I am sure many of the staff would agree that World of Warcraft is the best MMO for the piecemeal gamer. With the daily quests a piecemeal gamer can quickly level their professions and if one has a bit more time then usual they can also do quests to level up their characters quite easily. I am sure Imitanis and Lusi will agree that the game has become much more casual friendly in the past couple of years so that gamers with less time can achieve as much as a gamer with tons of playing time. Even some of the raids can be done in an hour or so with a half-way decent group. Apart from WoW, I can not really recommend any other MMO for piecemeal gamers to try out. As many will know, besides WoW, I have played Final Fantasy XI Online and Final Fantasy XIV Online neither of which a piecemeal gamer should try out.

In conclusion, the games I would recommend are Tetris, Pokémon, Final Fantasy VI, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fallout 3, and World of Warcraft. Is there another game that you like to pick up and play? Do you agree/disagree with my list? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Personally I’d recommend Skyrim over Fallout 3. I’d hop in and clear a dungeon most nights before bed. More recently I purchased Theatrhythm and cleared a song or two at a time.

    While WoW can be played in short periods, if I sit down to play, I usually end up spending more time on it than I originally intended.

  2. guys, what are your friend codes for pokemon black 2/white 2 for trades? mine is 1120-8303-3248. btw looking for an oshawott under lvl 12. will trade any of the following lvl 10 shuckle, igglybuff, bronzor, riolu, drifloon, munna, audino, porygon, sigilyph, togepi, or swablu. most recieved via dream radar. also, who else got the free legendary pokemon by gift?

  3. @Drach: This isn’t really a Pokemon trade forum . . .

    @Imitanis: Couldn’t disagree more. Fallout 3 is loads better than Skyrim. Theatrhythm is an excellent suggestion, though. I love playing March of the Dreadnoughts again and again.

  4. @ lusipurr unfortunately there isn’t one up at the moment

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