TSM Episode 73: On the Prevarication of Nintendo

Deimosion was asleep for most of this podcast. When Deimosion is not sleeping, he can usually be found stealing food from the commissary.
Daniel ‘Deimosion’ Flink

Produced 2012.11.11

Addicted to koala feed, Deimosion refuses to eat his specially-selected bamboo shoots. Kenjuuju and Imitanis offer a care package from Magna Brittania, but fearing the result which a diet of butter and dirt might cause, Lusipurr preemptively fires them.


  1. I’d say you’re welcome for the donation, but you didn’t let the austrialian drunk do nate.

  2. *tosses Koala food into the entrance of the robot making machine and sets it to make a didgeree doo wallabee ptang ptang whistle while you work, g’day bruce bot.

  3. remember that tourist who left the cait sith talking plushie by the office and the robo-moogle?…

  4. @Deim: International travel + high-res camera + a blind that I set up outside of your favourite tree = success!

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