Editorial: Top Three Things I Hate About Gaming

Good day LusiSlaves! This week, I am just going to jump right into what I am going to write about. The top three things I hate most about gaming. Normally I do not like to do these types of lists since I usually try to be positive but I need to let off some steam every once in a while. So let us be on with it.

Everybody has got to hate something.


Yeah, much like everyone else on the site I really hate advertisements in the gaming culture sphere. The first target of this hate fest is the Xbox 360 Dashboard. This thing is an ad infested turd. If you have not seen this thing it is truly horrible. Every other box is an advertisement for something stupid. Half the time it is for things like Mountain Dew, Doritos, “The Big Bang Theory”, sporting events, shit bands, or the newest flavor of FPS. These ads are aimed at what advertisement companies see as the “average” gamer, more commonly known as the Dude Bros. Seriously Micro$oft you do not need MORE money. Besides dashboard ads another type of ad that is really stupid are the in game ads. For example, I was in my living room making some dinner while my roommate played the newest Madden Football game and during the matches “half time” the “commentators” read off an ad for PaPa Johns and about how good their pizza is and some shit. I turned to him and said “Fucking really? Are they seriously advertising fucking PaPa John’s pizza in a video game?” It is stupid that a company would pay EA to put their product advertisement in their game. Why is this a thing? The only time in game advertising is ok is when development companies create fake ads, like in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Bro Gamers and the First Person Shooter

We are know the type. The dudes who line up at midnight for the recent releases of Halo and Call of Duty, they drink tons of red bull, they love to call people a “fag” on PSN/Xbox Live, and they give all real hardcore gamers a horrible name. They think that the games they play are what “real” gamers play and they are the loudest idiots to ever join the gaming community. They are so fair weather when it comes to company and game loyalty. Using the current example watch what happens with Black Ops 2. For the next few months all the Dude Bro Gamers will cream themselves over this game. By mid February to early March the first wave of Dude Bros will start to knock the game and go back to older CoD‘s. Then in May we will hear about the new Call of Duty and the cycle of hype and Dude Bros creaming themselves starts all over again. It seriously sickens me how far this genre of game has fallen when it comes to the fan base. I see no possible way to save this lost genre. In my opinion the genre has reached it’s peak. Never again will the genre see revolutionary games such as Doom or Wolfenstein. What once was great has fallen, I only ask for a moment of silence for this fallen genre.

Broken Xbox 360

Movie Video Games

The majority suck. Period. Very few movie games are received well by the reviewing community and none are held to high standards. They are the straight to DVD releases of video games. Most movie games feel rushed, incomplete, and never fully fleshed out in terms of game mechanics. Movie games have found new life however in the Wii console. With so many casual gamers the Wii video game market is easily flooded with sub par waggle motion games. Hopefully the WiiU will not see the same fate of that the Wii has endured. Fewer things would disappoint me more than seeing that happen, especially since Nintendo wants to try and break back into the hardcore market and take back what they lost so long ago. Nintendo I wish you the best, but I do not think it is going to happen anytime soon. Sorry!

in conclusion, I would like to state that I think that the video game industry is probably one of the most immersive and creative that has ever existed. But much like any industry it has it’s fair share of problems, three of which I listed above. What do you think reader? Did I miss a vital point about the industry that you think should have taken a spot on this list? let me know in the comments.


  1. How about gaming ads? The Halo 4 double xp commercial is just disgusting.

  2. I’ve heard all about dude bros but I’ve never actually met one. Although, I do not play FPSs, are you sure it’s a dead genre? I thought Team Fortress two and Half-Life were considered real gems.

    I did actually have hope for the Game of Thrones (although not a movie) RPG but after hearing the reviews, I decided against buying it.

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