TSM Episode 75: The Tears of Molyneux

Peter 'I believe in my legions of brainless fans! I believe they will still give me money even after I have lied to them! I believe this industry is like a dog, and that I can beat it and mistreat it and it will still lick my fucking boots' Molyneux.
Peter “I Believe” Molyneux

Produced 2012.11.25

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB prepare for the upcoming Final Fantasy VI playthrough with news stories about Peter ‘Crocodile Tears’ Molyneux, the Australian and English Cricket teams take a number of wickets, and Levy Pants adopts a newly bellicose demeanour.


  1. I am John Venrick, I don’t comment all too often (though I am planning to try to be more active in that regard)

  2. Good! New commenters are always welcome! It helps to break up the episodes of That’s Our Mel!

  3. Excellent, though it is certainly worth noting that there is much amusement to be found within That’s Our Mel!


    I do own Xenogears and will be receiving The Last Story this Christmas!

    AND, I must now mention that after having picked up and enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur initially, I have now put it aside. My reason, since I know you want to know, is that it is entirely too easy. Apparently a common complaint, it really takes the enjoyment out of a game when you know you can breeze through every encounter. Instead I am replaying Dark Souls.

  5. I wish Peter Molyneux wrote an autobiography. I haven’t read something laugh-out-loud funny in a while.

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