Castle Lusipurr #68: Robot Army

Sorry, guys, but from now on this hover-over text won't be from me, your friend Webcomic Man. I have to join the army. I've been conscripted. Oh, cruel world!
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Dear World,

I, the undersigned Lusipurr, am hereby announcing my intention to take over the world. A grand excursion, true, but one I feel I am able to achieve with the power of my Robot Masters, whom I created under the pretense of more practical employees at my website. 8 specific robots, both seen and unseen, are equipped with abilities far beyond any former staff member’s realization. In this way, any resistance or attempt to thwart my plan will result in death, or worse.

You’re all far better off just surrendering now. First England, then Britain, then Europe, then the world. You have been warned, so start preparing. A world under Lusipurr is not a lenient one.


President, Editor-in-Chief, Soon-to-be Evil Dictator


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