Castle Lusipurr #70: Around the World in a Webcomic

Here's a fun fact: The S.S. Dan is a pun on another famous boat, the S.S. Anne. Pokemon jokes to lighten the mood! They won't, however, lighten the load of the S.S. Dan, which is in serious danger of sinking.
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Day Fourteen. We have arrived back at our dugout. The journey didn’t take long, but it was taxing. Getting into Ethan’s wedding was a challenge; apparently Lusipurr made a profit selling him onto yet another Japanese businessman. California and Hawaii were fairly straightforward, but Australia was the real challenge. We had to entice Julian out with a six-pack of Fosters. The only one we couldn’t locate was Bod, and time is too short to scour the globe. We now have to devise a battle plan. Next week, we begin on the offensive.


  1. I’m so glad the S.S. Dan is back!

    Also, what Lusi said. These really do keep getting better and better every week.

  2. Outrageous! I hate cake!
    Unless it was a metaphor.
    In which case, BRILLIANT

  3. Of course it was a metaphor…
    In a completely unrelated side-note, how can you not like cake?!

  4. Because it’s gross. I think it’s the Emperor’s New Clothes of desserts. Pie on the other hand, now THERE’S a dessert!

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