Castle Lusipurr #72: New Year’s Gatecrash

Happy New Year, everyone! I think Lusipurr has spent his Christmas in Tahiti, he's looking kind of tan.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Day Twenty-Eight. We’re into the fort complex. Disarming the guards took precision and tasers, but we managed it – but now the real challenge begins. We shall have to decide who is to challenge the Robot Masters first – and which one to attack. We also have to accept that not all of us may come out unscathed. We are outnumbered and, to be honest, horribly incompetent. I don’t even know where Ethan got that axe from! And where the hell is Bod?!

This probably won’t end well. Stay tuned.


  1. Good Luck getting into my base! Surprise, the gate is locked and can only be opened by someone who has the access codes from ALL EIGHT of my Robot Masters! My plan CANNOT BE DEFEATED!

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