News: Fare Thee Well Old Friend

A console of many memories and feels.

Sony Ceases Production of PS2 in Japan

Is this an end of an era, or is it merely the mercy slaying of a piece of hardware that has been kept on life support since 2007? Perhaps both. Either way, there are few as could deny the extraordinary reach and longevity that Sony’s wonderful black box, the PS2, has had within the world of gaming. Launched a surprising thirteen years ago in march of 2000, few would have predicted that the sixth generation PS2 would continue to be manufactured a month into the launch of the eighth home console generation, or that the console itself would only be discontinued on the eve of the PS3’s lap of honours ahead of the launch of Sony’s eighth generation successor console in 2013-2014.

Sony’s PS2 entered the market at a time when Sega’s ailing Dreamcast had been given ample time [yet failed] to establish a foothold in the market. The marketing momentum behind the PS2, coupled with Sony exclusivity of heavy hitting tiles like Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts is often credited with the demise of the Dreamcast, yet Sony do perhaps have to share partial honours with Sega’s own poor business decisions for that particular distinction. Subsequently, the PS2 successfully saw off challenges from both Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox.

The PS2 would go on to sell one-hundred and fifty million units by November of 2011, and is still supported to this day by developers, with Konami releasing PES 2013 in November of this year. Perhaps the last notable software release for LusiGamers was 2008’s Persona 4, which went on to garner a respectable 90 rating on Metacritic, and sold .82 million copies. The PS2 is survived by the PS3 and PSVita.

Tony Greig
Not regulation Cricketing attire.

Tony Greig Takes His Final Walk to the Pavilion

In another epitaph of sorts, cherished Cricketing personality, Tony Greig, has this week passed away at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, after being rushed to hospital following the onset of a stroke. In May of this year Greig was initially diagnosed with bronchitis following severe bouts of coughing, until October when the prognosis worsened to lung cancer after a cancerous lesion was discovered on his right lung; yet it was to be cardiac arrest that felled the golden innings of this great man.

Tony Greig, a South African by birth, nevertheless distinguished himself playing for the national English squad, which he qualified for by dint of a Scottish father. Greig’s international career spanned between 1972 and 1977, and he was appointed to the Captaincy of the side between 1975 and 1977 after distinguishing himself against Australia. Greig’s international career ended prematurely in 1977, following a protracted period of estrangement from the establishment after it came to light that he had been instrumental to signing players for Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket. Packer’s World Series Cricket would go on to shape the modern face of Cricket, and for his efforts Greig was rewarded with a job for life commenting on the great game, a role for which he will be most affectionately remembered by Australian Cricket enthusiasts, and a tenure which was all too brief for the liking of most. Tony Greig, the favourite cosmopolitan son of three of the great Cricketing nations, is dead at 66.

LusiReaders, please feel free to share your favourite Tony Greig memories in the comments section.

Antwand Pearman + GamerFitNation
Pictured: The fucking genius who thought it would be a grand idea to implicate gaming in the Sandy Hook shootings.

Gamers Unite to Indict Gaming in the Sandy Hook Shootings

When NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre came out to smear gaming in response to the Sandy Hook shootings he was rightly lambasted by all sides. Even publications and politicians who usually delight in blaming video games for all the world’s ills, in this instance slammed his nauseatingly opportunistic response for being the transparent weasel-attempt to misattribute blame that it was. Even Californian Senator, Leeland Yee, who has previously attempted to legislate violent video game regulations, was in this instance scathing of LaPierre’s adress, accusing him of trying to “pass the buck”, and calling his response “pathetic and completely unacceptable”.

That is not to say that Wayne Pierre and the NRA are completely without friends however, as a social media movement [allegedly] 50,000 members strong loped out of the woodwork this week in order to support Pierre’s assertions that gaming was to blame for the Sandy Hook massacre. These people were not the teachers or the preachers, they were not self-aggrandising lawyers or the politicians, they were not even Fox News, but rather they were gamers. A day of violent video game “ceasefire” was called for by Antwand Pearman, the president of GamerFitNation, a site wherein barely literate urban gentlemen write about casual gaming and fitness.

It is all very fine for gamers, as with any other community, to band together in order to offer support to those who require it, and yet the manner in which these soft-minded imbeciles chose to do so could not have played more perfectly into the hands of the NRA had it had been scripted. Five days after the NRA had attempted to wipe their fecal discharge all over the world of gaming these feeble-minded nincompoops thought that it would be a good idea to call on behalf of gamers for a twenty-four hour ceasefire of violent gaming as a way of observing the Sandy Hook tragedy, and thereby ostensibly providing the tacit acknowledgement of culpability that the NRA so desperately tried to pin on gaming.

In the weeks following the Sandy Hook shooting there has been no twenty-four hour ceasefire of violent content across American cinemas and television. There has not been a twenty-four hour moratorium on the sales of military-grade automatic weaponry, and nor has there been a twenty-for hour respite in the killer-worship that America’s newstainment programs so love to revel in. All these things have failed to transpire for the simple fact that the persons involved are not so utterly stupid as to directly implicate their vocation of choice in the slaughter of elementary school children.

Gamers could have organised to participate in a charity drive for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Gamers could have taken the effort to volunteer their time to assist in community mental health outreach programs, or they simply could have written to their local political representative demanding that something be done about the profligate access to automatic weaponry which is afforded to sufferers of autistic-spectrum mental retardation. Instead of all that we get gamers making a big show about not playing violent video games for twenty-four hours [which is about as useful as ‘likes’ on a Facebook picture], while the soggy tampons of game journalism like Destructoid’s Jim Sterling waggled their fingers mirthlessly at anyone churlish enough to try and scupper this masturbatory ceasefire: “I don’t necessarily agree with the ‘online ceasefire’ gamers are doing in the wake of Sandy Hook. I don’t see the point of it and I don’t choose to observe it. However, deliberately and boastfully playing shooting games for the sole purpose of subverting the ceasefire? Yeah, you’re a little fucking prick. That’s just a petty and passive-aggressive attempt to look like a rebel, and it makes you look like a vindictive toddler. It’s like the people who leave fridge doors open on Earth Day — I might not care about Earth Day, but you become a severe asshole when you do pointless and snotty little things to undermine it.” — which is precisely why Jim Sterling can be relied upon to hold his tongue on religious matters, despite his lack of respect for religious tenets on a personal level.


  1. Now I just need to make sure my PS2 continues to function for the rest of my life, that I may continue to enjoy my favorite games in a world without readily available backwards compatibility.

    Also screw the NRA.

  2. I applaud of the NRA wanting to defend the rights of legal gun owners to legally own legal weapons in accordance with the Second Amendment. That’s fine. Good on them for defending a freedom. All very well and good.

    But to then adopt, as their manner of defending that freedom, a policy of MISDIRECTION and SCAPEGOATING–to trample on the First Amendment right of video games–is so backwards as to be beyond sense. For it is the first amendment upon which all the others hinge. Without the freedom of speech, the other freedoms cannot be defended when they are infringed upon or abrogated.

    For that, the NRA should be treated like the politicking asshats they most assuredly are. I hope their membership ejects the leaders who have decided upon this irrational blame-throwing.

  3. Capt. Greig was one of the very greatest–a man who did and made and accomplished. When the Cricketing bodies were stagnating, stepping on Cricketers and their fans alike, Greig was one of the biggest names to come to Kerry Packer’s aid, vitally turning the tide in favour of the World Series of Cricket, and forcing the rest of the world’s Cricketing bodies to see sense and adopt more reasonable policies towards players and fans. Greig was a fearless defender of players’ rights, and rightly has been the role model and mentor for many modern greats like Michael Clarke and Matthew Prior.

    I know Australians will miss his beloved commentary on Channel Nine, and the world of Cricket is much the less for his loss. Farewell, Captain Greig. You’ve had a damned good innings, and have ensured your place in Cricket history.

  4. Once the NRA stopped representing gun owners and started representing the gun manufacturers that are pumping them full of cash they lost any legitimate usefulness they had. The real sad part is that so many people don’t even realize it.

  5. @SN: There is no middle-ground. There are now two opposed camps, with a vast chasm separating them.

    What both sides fail to realise is that they are actually the reverse faces of the same exploitative, capitalist coin. Consequently, the ultimate results are the same regardless of who gets their way, and the system remains unchanged as well.

  6. It sounds like cricket lost a great gentleman. Rest in peace, Tony Greig.

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