Castle Lusipurr #73: The Binds of Capitalism

See, Rope is important on a boat, so the stage looks like a boat! IMAGINATIVE!
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Day Thirty-Five. The Red Menace has, surprisingly, managed to eliminate the first of the Robot Masters, Rope Man. It was actually my mistake – I thought we were throwing him in with Polish Man and they could talk about the Cold War until one of them exploded. But it all worked out, so there’s nothing to worry about! Everything is fine! Moving swiftly on, we have to decide who’s next to ‘fight’. Rope Man was shockingly easy to defeat, so perhaps we can just send Pierson to destroy them all. Then again, he still hasn’t exited the room. Maybe something’s wrong…


  1. Small robot masters are far more energy efficient–an important point given the precarious nature of funding!

    In any case, whilst you may have defeated one robot master, there are still seven left–AN AUSPICIOUS NUMBER. In every batch, there’s guaranteed to be one fluke, and perhaps Rope Man was the fluke. The rest will be GLORIES!

  2. Don’t be so sure. The Red Menace was our weakest link. Who knows, the next robot might be going up against an axe.

  3. The next Robot might HAVE an axe! Did you think of that? Axe Man! It could be Axe Man!

  4. I expect him to make it to the end, lose at Dr. L who will take out everybody until a mysterious assassin must be relied upon!

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