Castle Lusipurr #74: Blue Magic

Maybe they'll set up a nice widescreen monitor to stream the action for the fans outside.
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Day Forty-Two. After a WEEK, Pierson finally emerges, and with what? The ability to tie people up with rope himself. He’s now convinced he’s invincible – I haven’t the heart to tell him that being able to tie someone up doesn’t stop you from being tied up yourself, it’s simply a matter of who can tie first. Maybe if we send him in with Quick Man he can steal his abilities too… Don’t suggest that. Last thing we need is a second evil dictator rising.

Anyway, next up is Deimosion. But he has yet to decide who to go up against. Suggestions in the comments!


  1. Send Deimosion against my newest idea: Instant Invincible Death Killing Man. I’m sure it will turn out well for all concerned.

  2. Also, I expect that Blitzmage won’t have to use Velco anymore. He can use his new power on his shoes.

  3. Texan hot dogs bitch and whine too much while you grill them.

  4. @James: Touché.
    @Lusipurr: Without Pierson to dismantle the elevators for metal anymore, there’s no way you have resources to build an Instant Invincible Death Killing Man. Instant Man, who dispenses a variety of hot beverages, sure.

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