Castle Lusipurr #75: Koala on Fire

Flame Man's stage looks like a 60's Kandinsky-inspired representation of Hell.
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Day Forty-Nine. Turns out these robots are pretty flimsy. Deimosion was able to slice Flame Man’s head clean off, and now his sword is imbued with the power of psychedelic-looking flames. This might be a lot easier than we originally thought – maybe now that The Red Menace is done messing about with his new rope abilities we’ll just send him out against all the robots and get this over with in like two sets of comics. Ideal.


  1. The simplest solution to this week’s boss fight would have been to have Deimosion show Flame Man the superior version of FFVI, in which case he may well have beheaded himself!

  2. At this rate nothing short of GLADOS will be able to stop us! :)))

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