Castle Lusipurr #76: The Last Cup of Communism

And Tea Man's stage seems to be over-lit by the inclusion of a single window.
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Day Fifty-Five. The unthinkable has happened. We have lost a team-mate. It appears that upon his loss, The Red Menace has vanished from the stage. Our first defeat, and the price was a heavy one.

Who loses from a single punch to the face?! I made Tea Man, that hand is just an accessory for pounding loose tea into powder for home-made tea bags!

In any case, today we said goodbye to a great team-mate, a caring friend, an inspiring Communist. May he rest in peace, or pieces, or in dust that heavily resembles fist-crushed loose tea powder.


  1. Yuck! Who wants Communist-flavoured tea? I’m going to have to have this mess dumped into the harbour.

    As you now see, my Robot Masters are NOT to be trifled with! Even though tea goes very nicely with trifle. NO TRIFLE for you. The trifle is mine. Get your own.

    COWER BEFORE ME, PEONS. Also, cower before my Robot Masters, who are proxy for me when I am not around to induce cowering.

  2. See, communism only wins through spontaneous, collective action. Although The Red Menace has thusfar been my favorite superhero, an individual crusader just cannot bring about a worker’s utopia, and falls quickly under the crushing vise of bourgeois gentility. Godspeed, comrade! May you own the means of production of the future!

  3. Matt Dance’s comments are better than anyone else’s comments.

  4. @Lusipurr: I think I’m a much better commenter than I would be a staff writer.

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