James ‘KillswitchTool’ Pagel


Hello Lusipurrians! My name is James Pagel, the next in a long line of former readers turned staff members. It has been deemed, by Lusipurr himself no less, that I am not too stupid to work at this fantastic site. Once I finish signing the ownership of my soul to Emperor Lusi, I will be bringing you a post each and every Thursday. You may remember me from the exquisite biography that Lusipurr did for the Reader of the Year article, however I am being told to dig deeper into my background. I have been reading this site since it began, and before that, I followed Lusipurr during his time with RPGamer. With the conclusion of my rehab, I decided to try my hand at writing for this site that has done so much for me already.

My background in games started with Super Mario Bros. for the NES. My other early gaming adventures centered mainly around the first 3 Mario games, culminating with Super Mario 3. Just as I began to grow bored of my time with the NES, I received a Super NES along with a copy of Donkey Kong Country. After putting countless hours into Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island and the three Donkey Kong Country titles, I rented my first RPG, the aptly named, Super Mario RPG. I fell instantly in love with the game and, being a 10-year-old kid with little money to purchase the game, I proceeded to rent the game five times. Even being so in love with my first journey into the RPG genre, I neglected to play any of the other excellent 16-bit RPGs–something I remedied in later years.

The first game that I purchased on the day of its release was Pokemon Red, a game which devoured my young life. With my brother owning Pokemon Blue, a heavy amount of trading took place. With the help of my brother’s Blue Version, I was able to capture all 150 of the original little beasts, a feat that I would not dare attempt with the current number of Pokemon. The Pokemon series remains my all time favorite gaming series, followed closely by Final Fantasy, with VI, VII, and XII being my favorites in that series.

I currently own a PC, Wii, 3DS, PSP, Xbox 360, and PS3. Lately, I have spent almost all of my time in a mad dash to try and reach level ninety in ; in addition, I have been ploughing through the excellent DLC of Borderlands 2. However I am hoping to purchase Ni No Kuni in the near future. Besides those games, I can also be found on Steam playing through one of the one hundred or so titles I own on the platform, or on the Wii playing New Super Mario Bros. with my wife. So, join me if you see me online, whether it be in the Perpetual Disappointment Guild, on Xbox Live, or PSN. I can not wait for my first article to go live and to read your comments!


  1. Welcome to the site! Now go back to Warcraft and hit lvl90.

  2. Your nickname is lazy, and I WANT it changed, Poggle! :P

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