Castle Lusipurr #77: Hot Dog Shield

Blitzmage's Revival: Coming Soon.
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Day Sixty-Two. The score: 2:1 in our favour. But we got lucky with Blitzmage. If it wasn’t for his multiple personality disorder (probably caused by all those years in the mines) he may not have survived, and though we seek to save humanity, that starts with one another, and we will not let another team-mate fall.
This is how Lusipurr’s Hiring Drive has played right into our hands! James Pagel, the Hot-Dog Guy, strolled right in to pick up his non-disclosure agreement forms and BAM! Trapped him inside the wrecked carcass of Flame Man and dragged him into an abandoned stage. Sure, we could have just made armour for ourselves and continued as planned. But where’s the fun in that?


  1. Haha, I love the chill dialogue after so many action-packed scenes. Go Jim “Hot-Dog-Meat-Shield” Pugall-gogo!

  2. You are NOT ALLOWED to use pieces of the robots as armour! This is not an approved use of my Robot Master technology! You’ll be sorry!

  3. A pugilist page plays rough rogue in robots’ redress.
    With partisans out, since the Red Menace has departed,
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    Or do the unprepared prefer to have
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    The fight for Midlands supremecy
    Will cost them the dearest price, it seems…

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