Timothy ‘Che the Fey’ Streasick


Hail Lusipurr.com readers! Please allow me to introduce myself to you all, as I may clearly appear to lack the scars and scratch marks which come with being a regular Lusipurr.com insider. I do have one scar from whence Lusipurr himself stole my soul. With a straw. The bendy sort. My introduction to this site came by way of a friend’s recommendation, a certain Mega-bird of some sort, and it was while I was dazzled by the new lights and sounds that I heard him cry “What Ho!” and felt a hard thump at the base of my head. I woke with a contract thrust before me. “Write and give us your soul.” it read. This sounded right enough, and so here I am.

My earliest gaming memories were ones of both joy and envy. I remember my family owning a Nintendo Entertainment System when I was about four or five years old, but beyond that I was cursed to lag a generation behind. While my friends played Power Rangers on their Super Nintendos, I was only able to enjoy the regular, un-super variation. When other friends were learning the joys of a CD-ROM drive, my Windows 3.1 machine would cry foul if I tried to insert anything beyond sharp, hard disks into her. I even had the unique misfortune of finally upgrading to a “brand new” system -the Sega Saturn- right before the release of the Dreamcast and Sega’s subsequent fall from grace.

If I sound bitter, that is entirely not my intention. In fact, I am very grateful for this state of my childhood. It forced me to network with others who had the fortune to possess those systems I did not, which helped me establish my friendship circle in the critical jungle of public elementary school. Furthermore, as necessity is the mother of invention, so too did my situation create in me a keen appreciation for “retro” and “classics” before they had even become a genre. It shuttled me away from popular trends that were completely out of my financial and technical reach and into niches I would have otherwise ignored. Thus, my dated computer forced me to consider Iron Realms MUDs like Achaea and Aetolia as viable alternatives to the adventures my friends were having in the realms of Norrath and, later on, Azeroth.

More recently I met a beautiful woman who enjoys the Elder Scrolls and Fallout universes as much as she enjoys her poetry books. Thankfully, however, I have not taken the plunge to pledge my life and can still live in hedonistic-bachelor-financial freedom. This has allowed me to continue burning massive sacrifices of currency during the annual pagan festivals “Steam-winter-salia” and “Steam-summer-salia,” amassing a collection that rivals certain museums. Aside from games, I maintain a close relationship to the hobbies cooking, reading, and traveling. At some point between all these things I also managed to graduate with a Bachelors in History and continued my studies at the graduate level, with a special interest in American religious history and historical education.

This brings me back to Lusipurr.com. In exchange for giving Lusipurr my soul, I plan to write about those niches I explored in my days of want, to explore the little communities that make up the larger community we call ‘”Gamers.” I am sure that I will also seek every opportunity to divulge my historical knowledge, insofar as it pertains to games, but I would not profess to establish myself as an expert as such matters. Now, as I am seeing threatening signals from the men offstage, I must bring things to a close. Thank you all for this opportunity, and I look forward to being a member of this dedicated, avid, and soulless community. All hail Lusipurr!


  1. *pulls out ye’ olde Munchkin deck*
    Bribe the DM….played.

  2. I’m trying to retweet Lusipurr’s comment and it’s not working.

  3. How lucky you are to have been able to make friends. Are you saying that if I buy a new game of a genre I do not usually play, I can have friends, too?

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