TSM Episode 86: Normal Service Resumes

The Shoes of a Blitzmage

Produced 2013.02.10

With Zoltan’s Reading Room complete, Lusipurr hires the titular musician and sundry others, as well. Gyme Peggle makes his first appearance, as SiliconNooB, Imitanis, and Ethos search for velcro shoes to post on Blitzmage’s Facebook wall. Boots ahoy!


  1. So much masturbation talk. Hurray for February birthdays though, mine is on the 12th! Also, my friends are all indeed pieces of shit.

  2. @DS: As long as *you’re* not a piece of shit, then you’ve nothing to worry about!

    And this is a Lusipurr.com podcast. Masturbation is what we’re all about!

    Masturbation and video games!

    Masturbation and video games and Cricket!

    Masturbation, video games, Cricket, and Lady Gaga News!

  3. It was great to have a larger panel for a change. It was a bit more lively than the podcast has been recently. With the expanded staff, I hope the trend continues.

    @Lusi: Was that last comment supposed to read like the Spanish inquisition sketch? That’s the way it sounds in my head when I read it.

  4. Oh god, Origin. I try to comment about Origin and I’m overwhelmed by complex feelings of dependency and hate.

  5. Origin is “catching up” to Steam in the same way that Nintendo is catching up in the console game. a few years behind, releasing a self centered gimmicky product and being vastly overshadowed by their superior.

  6. *snort* uh, huh?! Oh, sorry guys. I dozed off for a while I guess, what did I miss.

    What?! Who are all these people? I should get my Wii hooked for that Final Fantasy playthrough and– 2013, you say?

    Hold on guys, I think I’m overdue on some bills probably. Oh, and congrats to the new hires.

  7. Where did this 3DS XL with a downloaded copy of Fire Emblem Awakening come from? Did Julian give this to me for Christmas? Guess I’ll play it up to and including Chapter 8 so far.

    It’s a pretty good system, and now I can dip into the old DS library of RPGs I missed.

    Guess I should download this podcast for now and see what’s happened around here.

  8. I did not give Mel a 3DS XL for Christmas – WRONG!!

    … but THAT’S OUR MEL (c)! *laughter track*

  9. That was a good episode. That said, I still have no idea what exactly your goal is with the podcast.

  10. @Jafar: Your post translated reads:
    “What is your five-year plan; what is your trajectory? How are you going to get there?”
    “I cannot easily put this podcast into a neatly arranged topic box, therefore it has no purpose.”

    My answer is simple: don’t be stupid. What is the ‘goal’ of a television series? What is the ‘goal’ of a partita? What is the ‘goal’ of watching Cricket or listening to the radio or eating a piece of pie or reading a poem by Coleridge? This isn’t a fucking industrial effort in architecture or a poltical movement. It is entertainment.

    Only very, very boring people spend their time trying to find a purpose for everything; and worse, quite a few such people go beyond and become enemies of humanity when they then argue by extraction that things without purpose are also things without merit.

    If you enjoyed the podcast, then the ‘goal’ is already there. And if not, please stop listening, and please stop commenting as well.

  11. OK. I asked the wrong question. I know it is entertainment. What I should have asked was… Oh. I guess I already know your answer to that, too.

  12. He used to word “please”…TWICE. How much more polite and understanding do you need him to get?!

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