Castle Lusipurr #80: A Song of Ice and Fire

Flamethrowers. Now with 20% more AAAARRRRGH!
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Day Eighty-Six. As a present to cheer me up, the rest of the Rebels fixed Flame Man’s carcass so I can use his head to shoot fire. I put it to use, and it worked! Another robot goes down in flames! I kind of want to set more stuff on fire, but they took my weapon away, something about me being “all fired up”. It is pretty powerful. There was nothing left where that igloo used to be except a strangely large pile of ashes. . .


  1. All right. Enough is enough. You won’t defeat the next two so easily. My extra not-at-all-human Robot Masters may be failing me, but the tables are about to turn!

  2. Don’t be so confident – we’re armed with axes and giant flamethrowers, and all you’ve got left is a megaphone and a postman.

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