TSM Episode 89: The Mammon March

Back when games were made with care and love, rather than with money and third-party developers.
The Characters of Chrono Trigger

Produced 2013.03.03

The Legendary Zoltan unveils “The Mammon March”, SiliconNooB brings dire news from the Annual Cervix, and Lusipurr bangs on about the end of Social Networking 1.0 in this highly-anticipated, media-rich podcast.


  1. Check out that remix!

    The Legendary Zoltan is pretty awesome, dontcha think?

  2. In addition to the ability to play used games, the fact that Sony still refuses to clarify whether the PS4 will be region free or not worries me.

  3. So impressed by the fact that this remix works. And well!

  4. See? Our Music Director has fit in nicely. I look forward to giving him commands again very soon!

  5. Mel, Ethos, and Lusipurr, thanks a lot. I am glad you like the song. I am very that Lusipurr.com has music now. I can not wait to see the library grow with tons of very unique tracks. I plan to do an original on occasion, too.

    I just listened to the podcast and it was freaking awesome. Hopefully, I will do a much better job on the next one though. I saw many flaws in my performance.

    Anyway, come on, readers and listeners! We want to talk with you. Here are some possible topics for you to write about.

    1) Do you think Sony is intentionally waiting for Microsoft to speak up about used games first or are they just being timid?
    2) Do you particularly love or hate any of Cevat Yerli’s (or whatever his/her name is) games?
    3) Do you think Daisuke Ishiwatari has a new Guilty Gear game in the works and would you play it?

    At the very least you could comment with just a yes or a no. If you just assume from the start that Lusipurr is going to shoot down anything you have to say, it’s not that bad when it actually happens. :D

  6. I’m hoping for a Guilty Gear x BlazBlue crossover personally. Sure, I would love a Guilty Gear 3 but Ishiwatari dropped the ball so hard with 2, it is unlikely.

  7. I liked the song too, it was surprisingly good. It worked. But I’ve always loved the feel of the original; somewhat more the rythym than the melody.

    I’m with Lusipurr on the issue of playing past games for the rest of my life. That would really be fine – what I have in my to-play list now (which isn’t much – about 6 RPG’s) will probably last me the rest of the decade, interspersed with the occasional Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger playthrough for the joy and fun of it. If Atlus, Nippon Ichi, and Falcom kept making new games for PS3 and/or PS Vita for the next ten years, even better.

    Were the industry to fall under its own weight, I imagine there would still be small indie developers who create games out of their own free will and interest, and perhaps a different kind of system would grow to push the better of the stuff forward. I already love retro 8- and 16-bit games, being made with current technology. Maybe PS1 and PS2 are the next “retro,” and could still be made with the current technology.

    It’s all about good design, fun gameplay, interesting art & music – not cutting edge graphics, unless the other elements are also there. So the “console generation length” isn’t the problem; it’s a problem with creativity, as it’s been said. However, a patch of fun little heartfelt games won’t move billions of dollars and keep thousands of employees and storefronts put every year.

    Zoltan, you’re a good podcaster, just stay cool and be yourself!

  8. A hypothesis:

    Supposing that there aren’t many games in development for next-gen consoles (cf. not many games for Vita and WiiU, few announced for PS4), and supposing that the industry actually wants us to play old games for time whilst they play catch-up juggling technological possibilities and development costs, wouldn’t it make sense that they intend to do away with the used-game trade, so they can sell the old games back to us to continue making some money?

  9. IMO the true desire to create games will always remain quite resilient, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Dev teams of a moderate size were able to adapt, and relatively swiftly find a new business model for the post-console world. Moribund publishers on the other hand are too bloated, inefficient, and bloody-mindedly set in their ways to adapt to such new business models – and so with any luck they will likely perish in the great purge, as their revenues and assets aren’t enough to cover their suddenly untenable debts.

    At the very least they will be much reduced.

  10. I think it fun that when Zoltan’s stuff is on my show it’s berated but when it’s on his show it’s lauded. ;)

  11. Having just gone back and listened to this installment, it’s uncanny how well you lot predicted almost exactly what came to pass in the recent announcement of the Xbox One. Right down to Zoltan’s statement that Sony should play the white knight card should Xbox take the ‘kill used games’ route. Well done everyone. Well done indeed.

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