Castle Lusipurr #81: Preparation

Walnuts because they can remove scratches from wooden furniture for a fraction of the cost of polish. But you'll find that out in due course.
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We’re at the final haul. I’m so proud of our team, they’ve done so well. We’ve only lost three members, and two of them just deserted us without so much as half a panel of comic time, so it’s kind of their own fault. I reckon we’ll be facing the Chessmaster himself in around two months…provided nothing goes wrong with our plans.
In other news, Blitzmage has reprogrammed this robotic dog, and he’s so cool! Definitely the highlight of this entire battle.
That and saving the world, of course.


  1. Is it wrong or very, very right that I find Ninja Ethos so hot?

  2. You may beat my robot masters, but I have other plans up my sleeve.

    Haven’t you wondered where Bod went? I know *exactly* where Bod went. And when you find out, you’ll wish you had stayed chained to your Playthrough Enjoyment Chairs!

  3. I predict that Kenjuuju’s artistic powers can overcome any obstacle. Guys, keep fielding her inside jokes!

  4. @Ethos: Strange, but to be expected.
    @Lusipurr: Don’t be so sure. We’ve stripped this building of all its resources – you haven’t even got loft insulation anymore! What are you going to use against us?
    @Matt: Why thank you. Perhaps my drawing skills will come in handy against some of these robots. Then again, I do have a flamethrower.

  5. @Kenjujudas: BOD will save me. You’ll see! You’ll all see!

  6. ^—- It looks like Bod is on the side of’s dedicated reader base.

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