TSM Episode 91: The Incredible Panty Machine

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Things really are decidedly unfine.

Produced 2013.03.17

EA Fineness Minister Chris ‘Sabin’ Privitere is again called in to announce the news of a further downgrade in EA Fineness. Then, between tears of grief (or are they tears of joy?), the panelists prove to The Legendary Zoltan that Panty Machines do exist!

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  1. Is that a Pepsi on the table, strewn about with the booze and pills? I can see that, with all due respect relating to the gravity of the situation, things are most definitely *not fine*. Why, a man with only Fineness on his hands would be content to drink nothing less than The Real Thing. How much pain must one endure, for this…?

  2. I eapologize to the audience for my bad sound quality. I have an idea of what caused it. Lusipurr, did I sound that bad while recording as well?

    So like I was saying, if you are standing right in front of the Fairy Ground, take a few steps To the right and then forward to the edge of a small protruding piece of land. Press the X button there and BOOM! A brand new spear. Just yesterday I found a suit of mirrored armor under a dead tree on the way to the graveyard dungeon. It makes my insanely defensive robot even more defensive. I just got a spell called seek fortune which reveals the locations of these secret items.

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