TSM Episode 92: A Last-Wicket Stand

Ian Bell fell before lunch, but Stuart Broad's selfless stand until Tea helped Prior, and England, safely home.
Matt Prior and Ian Bell saved England from a match and series defeat in Auckland.

Produced 2013.03.24

Lusipurr.com defeat is on the cards until Lusipurr and SiliconNooB occupy the crease, seeing off ninety overs of ordinary bowling from CatFancy, including several rounds of seaming pace from specialist bowlers Electronic Arts, Double Fine, and Nintendo.


  1. Lusi erased the podcast! Doh! Was it only you and Julian on the original recording?

  2. Erased the podcast? What is this conspiracy? Is this Evilpaul? Maybe I AM a witch! I can’t listen because I’m at work. WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

  3. Ethan, are you suggesting that Lusi requires the aid of some elusive foil in order to erase a podcast?

  4. That’s a lot of class, rerecording the podcast for our enjoyment instead of giving it a miss ’til next week. Thanks, doods.

  5. True dat, Matt! Thanks, guys. I am quite happy about the Final Fantasy news this week.

  6. Being a typical, chubby American, I have never watched cricket before. However, this episode has convinced me to at least try watching a game sometime, so well done!

    Also, the re-recording of the podcast is much appreciated, so thanks for that.

  7. ah, yes, the unfortunate podcast deletion. I remember when this happened here once before, and Lusi sped up the entire podcast just to get through it to have something to post. I think the whole thing was 20 minutes. Dedication, to be sure.

  8. @Imitanis (1): The original recording was just me and SN, yes.

    @Ethos (2)/SN (3): I assure you, I need no assistance in deleting all of our hard work.

    @Matt (4): The podcast MUST go up. If I had to record myself counting paperclips again, so be it.

    @Lostman (6): “However, this episode has convinced me to at least try watching a game sometime, so well done!”

    @Mel (7): It’s happened a few times before, sadly. I’m not normally trying to do the editing at 0600 after fourteen hours of work, but when I do, it is bad news.

  9. Nothing to be overly sad about, nearly every podcast I regularly listen to has had at least one case of a deleted or otherwise lost episode.

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