TSM Episode 93: Goblin

Choices, Choices…

Download: Produced 2013.03.31

The Legendary Zoltan braves goblins innumerable as he premieres his latest remix from The Secret of Mana, whilst SiliconNooB and KillswitchTool drive Lusipurr to distraction with an overabundance of language not wholly fit for a genteel audience.


  1. @ Zoltan: The opening reminded me a bit of the THX “Deep note” that used to play a lot in theaters. This is a nice and varied piece, but I feel like it ends a bit too abruptly. Maybe something with a bit more lingering dread that then tapers off… but that’s just a thought. I liked it, though, especially the part starting around 1:45.

    Also, I will now score your pieces based on my own opinion. And I will be using a widely understood and much lauded scale of quality based off of the current US presidential line of succession, with the current President being the highest possible score. I give you a John Boehner.

  2. That’s not too bad, but I expect he was hoping for something closer to Biden / Clinton.

  3. It’s a good score, indeed. He has to kill or incapacitate just two people for his piece to then be considered perfect.

  4. *Warning: The US Presidential Line of Succession Scoring rubric (USPLSS) does not advocate the killing or incapacitating of people.

  5. @Lusipurr: Honestly, I never applied because I knew I couldn’t come up with an article every week.

    @HitlerTool: Mithalten sie die Backofens von die Zukunft verbrennen!

    @LegendaryZ: I would call the original “The Oracle” industrial powernoise, like :Wumpscut: mixed with Feindflug. Kein mitleid für die Hörer!

  6. @Matt – It couldn’t be easier! Just look at my obviously not desperate grasp at content last week!

  7. @Ethan: I thought the Evil Paul expose was a masterstroke!

  8. @Matt: Industrial Powernoise. I think Lusipurr will approve of that genre name simply because it refers to music he doesn’t like as noise. :)

    @Mel: Haha. Thank you. What would you rate The Mammon March?

    @Ethan: I thought it was a masterstroke as well.

  9. One of the best episodes there’s been in ages. Not that the usual is bad, not at all, but I laughed really hard at this, something most podcasts in general don’t make me do anymore.

  10. I’m telling you, we should forget about video games and just go full-throttle with offensive humor. Lusipurr’s podcast editing time will increase exponentially!

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